Xys of Whazzit

Created by Fersara

Singular: Xys
Plural: Xys
Group: Warren of Xys

General Info: Xys are small, whimsical creatures, not dumb but wonderfully witty and often scheming. Whether they are grumpy or sweetly light-hearted is up to their rank. They think fast, quick to make decisions and escape dilemmas. Xys do mindspeak, but in short bursts with bad grammar. They are very intelligent, however, and can send images just as well as any Gryphon. Typically they'll just make strange chittering sounds.

Though they are odd-looking, they are also unusually beautiful in their appearance. Their build, around the size of a small cat or rabbit, is slightly draconic with large, lengthy bodies and slender tails, their figures flexible and smooth. Short legs end in hand-like forepaws, allowing them to move nimbly and fluidly on all fours. Their tapered snouts stretch up with long necks, big vivid eyes peering from their soft, authentic faces. Sprouted from their shoulder blades are feathery avian wings, and from the tops of their head are soft bunny-like ears. They have two long, slim tails, tipped with feathery fans. Their hides are soft and velvety, faintly tinted with an almost metallic sheen. These creatures are very bright, in character and in image, born with a chain that hangs around their necks boasting a little round orb that glows with a strange, eternal light. Other than these vital trinkets, their bodies can be any color, covered in a fluid metallic sheen almost like plasma.

Like crows are to glimmering jewelry, Xys are attracted to sources of light, finding anything from candles to flashlights perfectly admirable.

Mating Info: Xys chases are simple and quick, though the leader will choose how far it will go. A female will announce her chase with a large, incredibly brilliant beam from their light bauble that sends a pillar of light into the sky. Its luminescence will radiate to the males and notify them of the event. When everyone is gathered, the female will lead the chase either on foot or in the skies, though usually they lift off if their legs grow tired. More lights are usually used during the chase, though it isn't necessary.

Bonding Info: These creatures give live birth to their babies, caring for them until they have reached a reasonable, old enough age, usually when they have learned to fly. The family gathers around in a safe area, awaiting hopeful candidates. The humanoids wishing to bond should bring a light source, the thing that most attracts Xys. Once they begin to attend the young Xys and interact, the creatures will choose their bondeds. Since they are such swift decision-makers, it doesn't take a Xys too long to realize and pick its chosen.


Biancos can be haughty or silly, though they are majestic in all ways. These queens always appear as twins. Their intelligence varies from mischievous mastermind to total dip, but by all means, they are the queens of this species and still hold their rank at heart. Their baubles around their neck can be any color, changing frequently.

Verdes are generally more crazily energetic, as well as the most scheming of all Xys. These males are bouncy and feathery, always on the go. Their orbs are always a shade of green, from illuminating lime to softer, earthy tones.

These lords are proud of their rank and heritage. They are kind and accepting, but tend to be lazy. Their necks are loosely chained with an amulet of yellow light, ranging from a pale, gleaming shade to more antique gold hues.

These common females are mysterious and secretive. Some would mistake their shyness for malice, but they are mostly loving and gentle. Their orbs are deep black and flecked with the multi-colored lights of a thousand stars.

These female commons are characteristically kind, though they are springy and lively towards ideas and quite candid, tending to be flighty when excited. Their own lights are colored in violets both dark and light; they are beautiful creatures.

Torchinos are usually scheming though they can be very charming. Although they enjoy jokes on some, these males can still be sweet and kind, with the exceptional troublesomeness. The hues on their amulets range in different shades of blue.

Ross are persevering males, meticulous and not easily dissuaded. They are quite aware of their low rank, though they don't usually let it influence their moods. Their personalities are light and flexible. Their light colors are set in shades of different reds.

Affectionate females, these commonplace Xys tend to be the cuddlers and snugglers of the warren. Arancia are typically a bit stand-offish at first however, especially if there is any conflict. The lights hanging from around their necks glow in any shade of orange from delicate peach tints to dark, fiery tones.