Unicorns of Whazzit

Created by Danika

Singular: Unicorn
Plural: Unicorns
Group: Blessing of Unicorns

General Info: The Unicorns of Whazzit are very mysterious creatures. With the general appearance of horses, they have the classic characteristics of unicorns: Cloven hooves, slender frames, and of course the long, spiraling horn emerging from their foreheads. On Whazzit, male Unicorns have small tufts of hair on their chins, while females do not. There are only four types of Unicorns, and each have different coat and horn color combinations. Unicorns are very intelligent, probably more intelligent than any other creature on Planet, and are capable of not only full sentences of telepathic communication with their owners but poetry, music, and some subtle forms of magic only Unicorns are capable of.

Mating Info: When mating, females lead their suitors on a long chase over plains or through forest. The winner of the race sires one, two, or occasionally three offspring if the female is White. Unicorns are pretty rare, therefore, and definitely coveted.

Bonding Info: At a Unicorn bonding, one should bring a gift that means something to them, not necessarily something pretty or something one thinks the foals would rather have. Offer it to the Unicorns by placing it in a pile in front of the foals. The foals will then wait and observe the candidates before selecting a gift and announcing to their choice their name, which they already know, though there is no set pattern for them.


The only queen Unicorns are the pure, unblemished White unicorns that are so sought after. Their horns are long and crystal clear, harder than diamond, and shot through with shimmery strands of all colors. Their hooves are similarly rainbow opalescent. They tend to be very, very shy around unknown people.

The first of the male Unicorns, Blacks are very intimidating, though not as impressive as the queens. More muscle than Whites, they have the beard on their chins that marks them male, and their horn is of a black pearl quality that takes on other dark hues in the light. Their hooves are of this same material, and their manes and tails are pitch black as well as their coats.

Coming after the Black Unicorns, Gold Unicorns make up for their lack in strength with amazing speed and dexterity as the other Unicorn lords. Their coat is a glimmering gold shade, while their horns, tails, manes, and hooves are bright, glimmering silver.

The only other females, Silvers are often smaller in size compared to their White sisters, but they're the most friendly and outgoing of the Unicorns. Their coats are a glimmering silver-gray, with golden horns, hooves, manes, and tails. They'll mate quite often, and sometimes foal a single baby or twins.