Tokus of Whazzit

Created by Saga

Singular: Toku
Plural: Tokus
Group: Pack of Tokus

General Info: Tokus are a lean, speedy mix of fox and wolf, with shaggy fur and large paws but long, tapered muzzles and cleverly pointed ears. Their bushy tails are a point of pride amongst the species, for Tokus are ranked according to how many they have, from one to nine, but that will be explained later. Their eyes are of particular interest, shaped like slanted diamonds and (peek even closer) sporting triangular pupils. They are also gifted with flight, adding to the mix-n-match feel with either feathered angel wings, gossamer wings like a faerie's, or leathery dragon wings. To top it all off, Tokus come in all colors and patterns. They may be beautiful or ugly, sparkly or drab, but a Toku is a Toku through and through no matter what.

Tokus mindspeak very well, but once mature they tend to favor silence over speaking, and speak much of nature. A respectful and nature-loving species at the center of it all, Tokus have the ability to hear and speak to all things in nature. The birds? Sure. That tree, or the rock under its roots? They know it all, but whether or not they choose to relate spectacular findings to humanoids is a matter of personal preference. As a rule, it's more polite not to ask if they're not offering.

Mating Info: All females mate, though only Alphas and Betas bear pups. The female will call males together with a shrill howl, either running or taking to the skies as her whim dictates as soon as a few have responded. The mating chase is more of a pageant than a true carnal chase, the males showing off their speed, agility, and strength to the best of their abilities in order to convince the female they are the worthiest of fathering pups. In some way or another the female will indicate her choice, often rather subtly, and retreat with her mate.

Bonding Info: The pups will be born in a secluded den and kept until weaned, but by the time the bonding begins they will be just testing their wings and already familiar with the outdoors. It is important to pay respect to the parents, and especially the mother, for she will need to approve the bonds her pups choose before the union can be considered official. Food is usually appreciated, but most toys or other objects will be seen as bribes by both the pups and the parents. All Toku pups will have a fondness for physical activity, be it playing, running, or learning to fly, so be ready for just about anything. If you manage to bond to a Toku, remember that they will not accept English names or words for their appellation.


Distinguished from the rest by the virtue of having only one tail, these Tokus are the leaders of all. Ever wise and patient, they take their dominant role quite seriously and are the most responsible and independent, along with being the cleverest of thinkers. Alpha males tend to be more aloof in nature while females tend to have grace and gentle understanding, though harsher Alphas are not unheard of. Alphas consider all things carefully when choosing a bonded, always arriving at a just decision without being swayed.
Female: 4 PSP
Male: 3 PSP

Neither wanting nor willing to be put at the bottom of the totem pole, Betas are adaptable and friendly creatures unworried by responsibilities of leadership or the duties of the subordinate. They have from two to five tails; the fewer tails sported by a Beta the higher their station in the pack. They are often the most frustrating, being very independent and nebulous. They can have up six kits.

The lowly Omegas are not mistreated by Betas or Alphas, though they have nervous attitudes and often suffer from anxiety regardless. Though they may have from six to nine tails, they are so low-ranked that it doesn't make much of a difference how many they have. An Omega is a fast friend once one earns it, for underneath tension and nerves they are loving and trusting.