Shamries of Whazzit

Created by Katina

Singular: Shamry
Plural: Shamries
Group: Shock of Shamries

General Info: Shamries are shamrocks, obviously. Except there's a bit more to it than that. For starters, their three or four green leaves habitually face "forward" rather than up, and "face" is right because that's exactly what they have, right where they join in the middle. A face. With beady black eyes, no visible nose, eyebrows, and facial hair to envy any Irishman's. And of course there's a mouth they use to audibly shout their modest, insult-based vocabulary, and more importantly, drink beer.

They're at least as varied as any species of clover, with leaves of all shapes from four to eight inches in length, and stalks fat and skinny, from eight to sixteen inches high. They are by necessity adept at balancing and hopping on one foot, even usually while drunk, with their stalk shaped with a little heel and knee near the bottom and a waist near the middle, so the tallest can sit while they drink. But they all require straws.

Mating Info: Perhaps a contribution to the drunken lifestyle of Shamries, there are no females of the species, so there is no mating.

Bonding Info: Every year at precisely 12:00AM on March 17th, the small green planet O'Malley, bare except for a strange laser contraption, passes by Planet as it orbits around for the sun, and for some mysterious, possibly PIF-related reason, shoots a green beam of light into a Whazzitian patch of shamrocks. Five of these immediately grow into Shamries and start shouting "Laddie!" and "Lassie!" until someone brings them beer. It seems they're born knowing several insults as well.

After the sun comes up, the Shamries are ready for a party and a show, and they're not easy to please. First of all, they require everyone show up in their Sunday (read: Green) best. They won't bond to anyone not wearing any green. And they require entertainment, such as a talent show, and/or an interview. Shamry bondings can be viewed as a beauty pageant, but participating humanoids win a rude, alcoholic, giant animate clover instead of a crown, and not necessarily because they were the prettiest or most congenial. When a Shamry knows he's found the person he wants to scratch his eyebrows and provide him with booze for the rest of his life, he makes it a bond by hopping directly up to them and sealing it with an insult.


One out of every five Shamries will have four leaves instead of three, but an extra leaf doesn't convert to extra PSP. Their eyebrows can be any normal Irishman's color and their beards are always at least a little red, but can go from pure and flaming with matching eyebrows to blonde or brown with a few red hairs mixed in with black eyebrows. They can be all the same shades of green a shamrock can.