Shadowguards of Whazzit

Created by Ryoc

Singular: Shadowguard
Plural: Shadowguards
Group: Pack of Shadowguards

General Info: Shadowguards are indeed canine. Basically, they have the same sort of build as a dog or wolf, however they definitely are not normal dogs. These creatures are coated in a thick layer of fur, but not just any sort of fur. It is a strange thing to explain Shadowguards even in their physical form, for jewels seem to lurk just beneath their thick coats. With dog-like paws and teeth, their colors and usual personalities range according to their rank. This is just how they are when they are in their solid form, because this is where Shadowguards become unordinary. They are shape shifters, and have the power to change in and out of two forms. Their bodies can easily alter into a dark, two-dimensional shadow while remaining in the familiar figure of a canine animal.

Shadowguards are extremely close to their bondeds. In fact, even the distance between a Shadowguard and its chosen is limited and they can only be 27.7 miles apart since they're connected by a thin tether of shadow. This limit is strong whether the Shadowguard is in its shadow form or not. There are no rules when they change their form and they have a choice of what form they wish to be in.

Shadowguards can mindspeak, but they aren't very good at it at all. Their vocabulary is stunted, and their grammar is poor. The eyes of the Mist and form of the Shifter do change colors according to their mood (see Dragons entry for colors).

Mating Info: Shadowguards have a basic chase where the female tries to lose her suitors by leading them on a typical run and observes them as they follow. During a chase, Shadowguards are always in their solid form and there is no transformation into a shadow.

Bonding Info: When Shadowguards are born, their eyes remain closed and they are unable to see for a couple weeks. When they are ready, the mother will take the litter somewhere dry and safe where they will wait for candidates to come, approach the young pups, and impress. Since they are evidently shadow-like, these creatures do not eat much so they aren't easily tempted by food. However, they wouldn't mind a small treat!


This lively queen's coat ranges firmly in the darker hues, such as black or extremely dark gray with diamond-flecked patterns. They tend to be motherly and are wonderful protectors when it comes to helping their young. Their eyes are the same deep, dark hue as their coat. They can have from seven to fifteen pups.

Mists are the junior queens of Shadowguards and can give birth up to about seven pups. They prefer their two-dimensional shadowform rather than their physical state, rarely transforming. Their colors are generally in light shades of pale greens, blues, or grays, while their eyes change color according to their mood.

Golds are handsome lords of Shadowguards. They are very brave, cautious, and would make incredible bodyguards. Their coats are pitch black with purely golden eyes. They are quite tough and great protectors.

Shifters are also a rare sort of Shadowguards. Not only can they shift their form like the rest of their species, but their physical form changes colors according to mood, much like the eyes of a Mist. They remain the same dull hue of black when in shadowform, of course. They are mysterious creatures, but are generally friendly and blissful.

These lovely ladies are uncommon females. They are able to birth a few pups, though it isn't often a litter comes about. Their coats are the palest of the Shadowguards, ranging from white and translucent crystal to finish off with their vibrantly colored eyes.

Silvers are very casual creatures with easy-going personalities. These males are extremely fun-loving, though they can get carried away and become mischievous. Their colors range from a plain gray to a more metallic hue of the same shade. Their eyes can be a bit darker than their coats, though it may be hard to differ if they're hiding from you.

Shadows are the only common females, though they still like to be treated royally. They can be quite stubborn and like to be well-treated by their companions. Their coats aren't quite as dark as their Queenly sisters, but they can still be well camouflaged regardless of what form they're in.

Platinums can be quite grouchy at times, careless of their lowly rank. These males like to play rough at times, though sometimes they wish to remain secluded from the crowd. Their coats are extremely pale, almost like the Crystals, but their fur doesn't reach the complete lightness of white. The shades remain on extremely light grays, and perhaps some creamy ivory falling in.

Shrouds cover the entire range of faded white to grey ash and occasionally darker, never one solid colour but always a blend of these hazy hues, and have pure white eyes with no visible iris or pupil. These females are most unique however for their ghostly shadow forms, which are two-dimensional bodies of smoky white instead of black. They possess a particularly haunting howl.

Jewels are common females that do not seem to have any set personality. They can birth one to two pups infrequently, although not all are the best mothers. Their coats come in a wide range of bright colors, though rarely do dark colors make an appearance. Their eyes always match the most dominant color of their coat.