Serpens of Whazzit

Created by Ryoc

Singular: Serpen
Plural: Serpens
Group: Conspiracy of Serpens

General Info: One day, a genetic scientist stood on the hatching grounds to Impress a dragon, hoping to discover a wholly new variety of the beasts, to rewrite history! Yeah, whatever. In short, he didn't Impress, and he got quite angry and stormed off to go create his own version of dragons, only cooler. Well, everyone knows that dragons are already ultimately cool, so some original, wild dragons got really mad and ate him after the first clutch was created.

Serpens grow to about 7-10 ft long, and are born in a (rather large) egg from which they are 1-3 ft long already. They live in swamps or bodies of water. They have long, serpentine bodies and two long, very powerful arms that look rather lean. Their 'wings' are actually fins, and are set on the sides of their bodies akin to the fins of some eels. Their legs are short, attached to a second set of flippers, acting as stabilizers. Serpens are blindingly fast. Their tails are long, and they fork at the end. Each fork of the tail has a poisonous barb. Their faces are the most interesting, with snake like heads, covered by a bone 'helmet-mask'. They have a beak-like lower jaw, and long venomous fangs coming from the roofs of their mouths.

Serpens can breathe underwater as well as they breathe on land. They have eyes adapted to see in the dark, underwater as well as above. While not photophobic, their vision is about as good as a less than average human's in the daylight. Their eyes are multicolored like a Dragon's, but always dark shades. They swim using their fins to propel themselves, but they can slither on land, where they can snap like a snake.

They tend to be dark and dismal in their thoughts, and while capable of thought speech, they spout doom and gloom, and are pessimists who don't care if they cause trouble. In fact, Serpens go out of their way to cause trouble. This is only made worse by the fact that Serpens seem proficient in the manipulation of the Planetary Illogical Field (aka PIF). Luckily, this ability takes some time to develop, or else it would be one terribly interesting hatching. More so than usual. They do not have any semblance of 'control' over it, however — they can, on occasion, convince the PIF to randomly drop something of a particular type their direction. This often doesn't work at all, and even more often when it does, it drops either something unrelated to what was requested or something that fits into the category but is purposely useless. If a Serpen catches the PIF on an off day, they are apt to have a washing machine dropped on their heads. Nonetheless, this is enough to drive most sane Planetians (and a good majority of the insane ones too) annoyed out of their minds.

Mating Info: When Serpens are ready to mate, their eyes will turn blindingly white, glowing, and they will announce themselves. The entire chase will take place underwater, called a Dive. They will be brutal, and are not above attacking each other during a Dive, especially a female against a too-close male. Luckily, Serpens are immune to their own venom, but can still be badly injured during a Dive. Due to the deep link to their humans (or humanoids), this can prove bad for the bonded, some of which can end up hospitalized after a Dive, though more commonly just really, really sore. It's just another example of how Serpens are totally unabashed about abusing the link between them, and even use the PIF on occasion to get the bondeds to fight. Strangely, the Serpens only transmit aggression from a Dive, not passion. Which may actually be a good thing.

Bonding Info: Female Serpens will watch their eggs jealously, up until they are hatched. The only problem? The eggs are underwater. Eventually, the mother will push the eggs out of the water, where they are either on dry land, or are only partially submerged. She only does this when they are about to hatch, though, so it leaves very little warning for people to stake out the clutch. As soon as the eggs are obvious, it's time to Impress! Young Serpens look just like the adults, only smaller. They are every bit as venomous, and even more agile. Serpens like to swim around the Candidates, and playfully snap at them, testing to see who flinches, or banding together to push people into the water. After they've had fun tormenting the candidates, then the Serpen young will Impress upon those whom they chose, never really sticking to one type of person. Then, they will continue to torment them, for the rest of their lives. That's the purpose of this bond right? Wait, love each other? You've been watching too many chick flicks.

When being named, they demand the inclusion of 'ex' somewhere within their names. They claim it has some super secret significance, but in reality, they just think it sounds cool.


The senior queens of Serpens. They are a dark grey-blue color, incredibly shiny and attractive. They treat their human as their servant, as well as any shinies their human may have. However, even a queen Serpen will immediately humble up to a Dragon, occasionally taking the advice of a Unicorn or Gryphon... when it suits them. They aren't particularly co-operative, and it takes a very strong-willed person to control them. In a dive, she is most likely to skim the ocean floor, watching her suitors fight one another, instead of actually leading them off on a merry chase. In fact, she encourages it. An Abyssal Serpen will clutch about eight to a dozen eggs.

The junior queens. Their hide is a green and white swirl. While they are nicer than Abyssals, they are know-it-alls, and can be snobby on occasion. Typically though, they are the only Serpens that one can easily get along with. In a dive they don't encourage their suitors to fight, but they certainly don't mind it. They will tend to lead the group on longer before stopping to let her suitors fight. An Aeolian will clutch about seven eggs.

They are the largest, larger even than Abyssals. They are jet black with streaks of yellow and orange. They have exceptionally long fangs and barbed tails. They are mostly prominent show-offs, proud and arrogant. Suggesting that a Chernol can't do something will ensure they will try it. They can be even more arrogant than Abyssals, always treating everything like they own it, even having the gall to annoy Dragons on occasion (though not for long). Chernols are very likely to get their owners into a whole lot of trouble. During a dive, they are especially violent.

The second lords, they are a shiny red tone, and very showy. Feras tend to be big headed and self-centered, thinking they're the greatest thing since sliced meatrolls. Feras are always concerned about whether their hide will get mussed up, or whether anyone wants their autograph or a picture of them. They will chase after either kind of queen, gladly.

Niatu are bright blue and indigo. Niatu are the only Serpens that aren’t pessimistic. They make up for it by being insanely curious, asking questions about EVERYTHING and investigating even more. Niatu are quick to come up with crazy ideas. Niatu will occasionally attempt to chase a queen.

Common females. They are a bright white color, mixed with streaks of all colors. For something so brightly colored, they seem to enjoy spouting prophecies of evil. Ivra are the worst Serpens, almost always seeing nothing but negative, which can be really trying on their bonded. They will always continue to flee from their suitors during a dive, even if they stop to fight, making fighting a poor choice.

Common males. Teku are a red-brown-black mix. They remain silent most of the time, except to throw in an occasional sarcastic remark. Teku are the smallest males. They surprisingly will fight even Chernols, which can be at least 50% bigger than them. They have amazing brevity despite their low place on the pecking order, but their natural quietness doesn't show it often.

Common females. Vaku are the color of a dying fire — predominantly a mottled charcoal and ash grey, but striated throughout with glimpses of brilliant oranges and reds. Unlike many other Serpens, Vaku have a strong sense of loyalty. Beware, though, not to assume that the loyalty in question is to YOU. Vaku are prone to deception and have a strong tendency to turn on their bondeds in times of stress… but only, of course, in the best interest of those they're TRULY loyal to.