Seraphelines of Whazzit

Created by Danika

Singular: Serapheline
Plural: Seraphelines
Group: Ambush of Seraphelines

General Info: When Seraphelines, Celeste Cats and Demonhounds arrived at Whazzit, the sane half of the Weyrd shouted and wailed, grabbed their defenses, and prepared to defend their homes. The insane half, however, grabbed meatrolls and cubes of beef and went to croon to them. Apparently it worked, for Seraphelines are one of the creatures that now roam the Weyrd in abundance and domestication. They are definitely the most vicious of the three arrivals, however! They have no enmity towards Demonhounds, but they generally don't get along too well.

Large, standing on all fours reaching to the average person's hip, they are wild cats. Vicious-looking with sharp teeth poking out of their mouths, they have a huge glittering gem resting in the middle of their forehead just like Celeste Cats and Demonhounds. They have softly feathered wings huge enough to lift their heavy frames off the ground. They are patterned with the stripes and/or spots of terran tigers and leopards or no natural pattern at all, and come in any variety of colors.

They can mindspeak clearly and with ease, but they are notably quiet most of the time, even to their bonded humans. They prefer to watch rather than speak.

Mating Info: They mate by leading their suitors on a long chase and then eventually the final competitors battle it out, the female choosing the winner before any Serapheline becomes too injured.

Bonding Info: Seraphelines are very obvious in their choosing, much more so than most other creatures. They will pace before their candidates, and may even walk right up to one to stand on it's feet, oftentimes not even choosing that person. It is wise to never touch a Serapheline kitten unless it has mindspoken with you. They prefer gamey, large slabs of meat to be offered.


Sapphires are the queens of the Seraphelines and the only ones to have litters. Their hides are of many colors and patterns and they can look like anything, but the large stone that pulsates in their foreheads is always a sparkling blue, whether it be light or dark. They mate a few times a year, and usually produce ten to twelve kittens.

Rubies are the largest Seraphelines after the Sapphires. The large stone resting in the middle of their forehead ranges from bright red to deep crimson.

Diamonds are the smaller lord Seraphelines, and are a little smaller than Rubies. Their gemstones are, as the name suggests, pure ice-white diamonds, unblemished by other colors except in very rare circumstances.

Emeralds are the next largest Seraphelines after the lords and queen. They're common females, and their headstone ranges from a deep emerald to a lighter, sea-toned green. They chase less than Amethysts but more than Sapphires, though they never have litters.

Amethysts are the smallest Seraphelines. Their head jewels range from a deep indigo-violet to a bright spritely lavender. They chase very often, the most of the three females, but they never have litters.

Topazes are midway between Emeralds and Amethysts in size. They are the only common male Seraphelines. Their head-gems range from nearly yellowish tones to deep burnished gold-orange, or even a dried-blood color.