Seedmorphs of Whazzit

Created by Yerah
Image by Drizzt

The listing of current Patron Plants can be found here!

Singular: Seedmorph
Plural: Seedmorphs
Group: Garden of Seedmorphs

General Info: Seedmorphs most closely resemble foxes. They grow to around four feet long, and appear canine except for the plantlike headpieces and tails that set them apart. Each Seedmorph has a headpiece and tail specific to their rank which take on certain characteristics of their patron plant after it has been chosen. Seedmorphs are, as a rule, very in tune with nature. Even their ranks reflect their connection to green and growing things.

Seedmorphs are very intelligent. When they deign to mindspeak, they are roughly the same as Tokus in that they enjoy speaking of nature and are usually kind of quiet.

Mating Info: Seedmorph females hold chases in woodland areas when it comes time for them to mate. Often taking the form of elaborate games of hide and seek where she changes into her patron plant as an attempt to throw off suitors, these are meant to weed out competition and less worthy males. The female then chooses the male that she deems the most clever or skilled.

Bonding Info: Seedmorph kits are generally several weeks old before they are allowed to bond. Kits interact with potential bonds before they make a decision, under the eyes of at least one parent if not both. Prospective bonds should first ask permission of the parents of the litter before approaching a kit, at risk of being reprimanded or, at worst, turned away entirely. When a kit has chosen a person to bond to, they will ask that person for a seed. When the seed is given, they will swallow it and take on characteristics of the plant the seed came from. That plant becomes their patron plant, and they gain the ability to turn into it at will.


Vines are the senior queens of Seedmorphs. Their headpieces are made of three long vines and their tail of one vine, hence their name. Their colors are usually browns and greens, with bright colors all but nonexistent. Their litters can contain up to thirteen kits, and include all ranks. Vines are firm in their authority, taking it upon themselves to guard nature from humanoid ravaging.

Blossoms are the junior Seedmorph queens. Their headpieces are five long chains of blossoms, and their tails are long vines with a single flower at the very end. Blossoms tend to have more common ranks in their litters than Vines do. Their coats may be all colors, though reds and oranges are prevalent. They are playful and tricky but still make excellent leaders.

Roots' headpieces and tails are thicker and often white like plant roots, with several narrower bits protruding from a wider central piece. Two long roots grow from their head like horns, though they are very flexible and whip-like. One large root serves as their tail. Their coats are usually white or brown or a mix of both. Roots can be aggressive, liking to dominate others.

Branches are the smaller of the two Seedmorph lords. Their two headpieces and one tail are branches, of course, often thinner and with small twiggy sticks attached. They are very intelligent but tend to be less outspoken than other ranks. Branches have coat colors of deep browns and tan, though green appears uncommonly.

The smallest females, a Leaf's headpieces and tail sprout flat leafy shapes, three on her head and one large leaf for the tail. They can be caught by any male during a chase, though they never bear kits. Leaves are patient and loving, often caretakers of sick Seedmorphs. Their colors are all types of green and yellow, with blue, turquoise, or teal tones occurring commonly.

Grasses are common Seedmorph males and the smallest in size. Their headpieces are two long stalks of grass, often bent over like 'ears', and their tails all resemble long grassy stalks. Grasses will typically only go after Leaves during chases. They are very observant but sometimes high-strung. Their coats are a crisp yellow-green, but brown and tan are also possible.

Thorns are not exactly the kindest of Seedmorphs, for although they are polite, they are quite haughty and smug. Their headpieces include a great entanglement of vines that are covered in sharp, natural thorns that can be pretty painful to touch, and their tails are three vines entwined in a perfect braid and prickled in thorns. While their coats are shades of red from maroon to crimson to a reddish rusty brown, their headpiece and tail vines are bright emerald with thorns of either red or green. They can be either gender.