Sceltyr of Whazzit

Created by Sparkie

Singular: Scelta
Plural: Sceltyr
Group: Band of Sceltyr

General Info: The swamp dwelling Sceltyr of Whazzit are vaguely equine in appearance, though they possess several qualities that make them impossible to mistake for horses. The most noticeable physical feature of a Scelta is the shape of its head, narrow and equine, but with the upper lip curving into a slight beak. Twin horns curve back from their brow, further accenting the smooth, elegant planes of their heads. Said horns, as well as their hooves, can be any colour one would naturally see on earth or any colour befitting their rank. Between those horns a wiry mane begins, long and flowing, but stiffer than that of an ordinary horse, giving it far more volume. The hair covering their long, flexible tails is identical to that of their manes. Far longer and more muscular than that of a mundane horse, the tail of a Scelta can be moved at will. The rest of their fur is smooth and silky, serving no protective function since their skin is more than thick enough to protect them from the environment and magic alike.Their legs terminate in teardrop shaped cloven hooves, providing them with great stability and mobility. This is necessary, both because of the treacherous ground of the swamps in which they live and the fact that every Scelta is born to be a dancer.

All aspects of their lives are connected to dancing, it is how they teach their history to their young, how they identify themselves, and is the key to both mating and Bonding.

Sceltyr do mindspeak. They have good grammar, but tend to think of things in a natural sense, and are a bit uncertain of many man-made inventions. Dance is their favored expression.

Mating Info: When a female Scelta is ready to mate she will find a large clearing and begin to dance. It matters not if the males have arrived yet, she dances because she cannot help it, now, more than any other time in her life, she simply needs to dance. Males will arrive, watch her dance before beginning dances of their own, each choosing a dance that they feel best represents who they are. At this point the female will stop her dance to watch those of the males. While she watches them she may ask questions to get to know them even better, or she may try to match their dances to see how the steps feel to her. Once she feels she knows them well enough she will begin another dance, one that the males must join her in, either trying to match her step for step or elaborate on it to add their own personal touch. The female will then choose her mate based on how well she likes his dancing.

Bonding Info: Scelta foals are ready to Bond at the same time they are large and coordinated enough to begin dancing. They will gather in an open area large enough for all of the foals to try dancing without the risk of any of them bumping into each other since some may be less than graceful at this point. The adults will be trying to teach the foals, but the assistance of any willing humanoid is more than welcome since the foals may be discouraged by their relative lack of skill and require one on one attention that would be impossible for their parents to provide. One need not dance along with a foal since any form of assistance can work, from a playing a musical instrument to singing a song works. Even clapping out a beat or offering words of encouragement can be enough to getting a foal dancing and once a foal can dance they are ready to choose a Bond.


Queen of the Sceltyr, the strong and graceful Ebudae is colored in all manner of warm pinks and oranges, the comforting hues of a sunset. She is a kind and wise leader, seeing that all the needs of all the heard members are provided for. When dancing she prefers anything with a strong beat, especially if it is in 6/8 time. This taste in music and dance style sets her apart from the others, making it especially hard for her as a foal since she may end up feeling that there is no one out there who can help her find her own way of dancing. She makes an attentive mother and bears an average of ten leggy foals, but sometimes up to a dozen.

If the Ebudae queens are sunset colored then this Lord is the color of dusk. Navy blues, grays, and the occasional stark black or white make up his coloring. His serious appearance matches his taste in music. Serving the role of historian he enjoys ballads, with a special fondness for those about or suitable for the battle field. When he dances he prefers that the music be in 4/4 time or sufficiently fast paced to provide a challenge for him to dance to it so that he may show off the full extend of his dancing prowess.

Bright yellow and spring green, this lesser Lord is more of a teacher than an historian. He likes songs that tell stories, but are slightly more accessible than the ballads preferred by an Adiemus. The stories in his songs are applicable to everyday living since that is the area he enjoys focusing on. Knowing about some epic battle may provide one with a sense of culture, but it is equally important that the foals know how to tell which plants taste best or which paths through the swamp go where. The music he dances to tends to be in 4/4 time, unexceptional, but something that others are likely to be able to join him in.

Last of the Scelta lords, Orinocos are bright and cheerful like their Boadicea kin, though colored in blues and white rather than in shades of green. Fun loving, they believe in living life to the fullest. Dances that are fast paced and energetic appeal to Orinocos, though the distinctive rhythm of marches is also enjoyable for them. When they are younger the speed they so enjoy is a problem for them, since they can become discouraged if they are unable to learn to dance right away. Their tendency to act before thoroughly thinking things through thoroughly can also cause problems for them.

Though unable to have foals of their own, these delicate females have a very powerful mothering instinct, often taking care of the herdís foals while the Ebudae queen looks after the needs of the herd as a whole. Her colors match her grandmotherly personality well, white with subdued shades of green and red. The music she likes is slower, more sedate so that anyone can join in, even if they are unsure of themselves. If there are no humanoids around to help, the task of teaching the foals to dance will likely fall upon a Leatha.

These common males are aptly named since they are always adorned with three different shades of brown, ranging from deep mahogany to shades of tan so pale that they may seem white. Of all the ranks, Triads take the longest to learn to dance, often trying at paces far too fast for them before settling into a more sedate 3/4 time. Though it takes them longer to learn to dance and once they do get the hang of it, their dances may not be all that impressive to look at, there is one thing that makes their dances truly exceptional. Of all the ranks, theirs is the only one that can work magic through their dances.

These silvery little females dance to the beat of a different drum. Though at first glance they may all look the same due to their pale silver and white coloration, no two Eponas dance alike. No one style or time signature appeals to every Epona and they may try many different things before deciding which dance style, or styles they like the most. Teaching them to dance may be difficult since they are highly individual in their tastes, but once they find something they like they are delighted. An Epona's dancing may not be perfect since she does not care about perfection, but you can be sure that she is enjoying herself immensely.