Rsphinxes of Whazzit

Created by Artanis
Image by Kimira

Singular: Rsphinx
Plural: Rsphinxes
Group: Riddle of Rsphinxes

General Info: Legend and reality are the same as far as appearances — both Rsphinxes and sphinxes are feline. However, while sphinxes have a human head, Rsphinxes are purely feline. Their rank is decided by the color of the thin headdress falling from just in front of the ears to the shoulders and made of a mysteriously indestructible and sheening metal. As far as intelligence goes Rsphinxes are fairly bright for human standards, comparable to most Whazzitians, and are capable of both speech and mindspeak although never attempting pictures. Both a curious trait and a drawback, however, is the fact that before bonding they only speak in riddles. The difficulty of the riddle varies widely with some are quickly guessable while others can take long spans of times to figure out. While no Rsphinx has or ever will speak in the laid-back way of humans, once they have bonded they will often drop the direct riddling when speaking to their bond alone, though they still always converse in indirect, roundabout ways and tend to be very abstract. They still always speak in riddle with anyone else, however.

Fearsome and majestic all at once, the Rsphinx's average shoulder height is seven feet, varying a foot or so either way at most depending on rank. They are solidly build, and quite easily ride-able, being both tall and agile enough. They also have amazing jumping capabilities. Rsphinxes have the form and frame of a basic feline: head, torso, and tail. Their size, headdresses, and coat are the only things that set them apart. Ranks are decided by the color of the headdress and main fur coloring, however fur color as well as eye color can and will change. Only very, very rarely can fur color be drastically different.

Mating Info: The mating of Rsphinxes is not a physical feat but rather a mental one. In their manner it is a simple and easy exercise. The female in question will send out a telepathic message to all willing males, giving them a riddle for how many minutes (or what date) they have to find her. Once that time has expired, she will put a riddle before the males assembled. They will have one guess per riddle, also referred to as a round. A wrong guess, and they're out. The female will continue the rounds until there is only one male left, and he will be her mate until the next mating. If the female is either of the queen rankings, the more rounds there were the better chance there is for a queen in the litter, although it is never guaranteed.

Bonding Info: After two months of existence young Rsphinxes are herded by their parents to a human establishment where the bonding is held. At the time of the bonding, the youth are only halfway to adulthood. The young are separated so that they each have room around them enough for an audience and then wait for the arrival of humans. When they do show up the youth quiz them with riddles, testing the intelligence of their candidates. No gift can possibly sway the affections of a youth — they are on a search for the intelligent life of Planet! A young Rsphinx usually bonds to the only one left after a series of rounds, but if none remain a new game begins. If a Rsphinx has had three games and still no one is left standing, they will go wild. A human can only try for a Rsphinx at the beginning of a game, and cannot enter during a game or else face dire retribution from the parents — interruption of a bonding is viewed as an act of aggression. Rsphinxes are very meticulous about their names. A number of syllables must be taken from the name of their rank and used in their name. Commons need only one syllable to be in their name, but queens and lords need two. Syllables are included after the ranks for ease.


The pristine white coat of this queen shines with all the glory of royalty, and she does her very best not to let people down on the fact. The Saorome, like the Valadria, is actually slightly smaller than the Lords, although the difference is only barely noticeable. She is the obvious leader, being both intelligent and perceptive, but also blunt and to the point. They don't like to waste time being clever even if they are. Litter sizes are very large, ranging from ten to twenty kittens; however this is because they mate very infrequently. As senior queens they can have all ranks in their litters, but even in the most plentiful of litters there can only ever be one new Saorome at most.

The Valadria, whilst being junior queen, is the born rebel. She cares nothing for her namesake as a queen and acts nothing like one, occupying herself with racing through the world in full-blown adventures. When she is in one place for any sum of time, it is either for flirting; her second favorite pastime; or because she's sick. She possesses a grace far surpassing that of any other Rsphinx, even the Saorome, but to some males this characteristic can be overwhelming. She is a little smaller than the Saorome and much more lithe. Her pelt is the darkest black and she wears a curious color headdress of deep violet. She has litters, but they are a large step down from the Saorome's at five to a dozen kittens. All ranks sparing a Saorome can appear.

Laziest by far of all the Rsphinxes, the Solastrae does not go far in search of anything, spare a female. He is quiet and lazy without encouragement. At his largest he is eight feet tall and very muscular, able to leap great heights. His coat is somewhat drab as a light grey with a dark blue headdress. He chases both queens but rarely has motivation to go after commons.

The most eye-catching of the lords, the Dreatine is just a bit larger than the Valadria above him. He is adventurous, but not to a fault. He likes better to simply run with no destination. To further this goal, he is the smallest of the lords, but the swiftest of all Rsphinxes. His coat is of deepest black, with a bright red headdress.

The most ferocious of the lords, the Silveste's dark brown and dark green headdress allows him to hide in the forest to further his hunt. If he's stationary for more than a few minutes, something is wrong with this kitty. He never is entirely comfortable with his surroundings, always on edge even in the home or presence of his bonded. He chases all females and is equal in size to the Solastrae.

The only Rsphinx without a headdress, the Valkaiava is the Norse god Loki in feline form. He is cunning and sly, loving to cause trouble and confuse. They are devilishly charming, using any and all means to get their way. These fiends have no preference of females, though they tend not to go after queens. A small golden ring is artfully pierced in his ear, complementing his soft calico fur. He is much smaller than the lords, although still slightly larger than the other commons.

Clothed in soft white fur, the Banoi is something of a pushover. He has no will in him for conflict and loves to cuddle, no matter with who! He is the sweetest and most cuddly of all the Rsphinxes, loving to lay upon their bonded's lap as much as they can during their youth, and even sometimes afterwards. Their headdress is a dark blue, complimenting their fur. They chase any of the females, and will fawn upon their mate mercilessly. They are equal in size with the Valkaiava.

At the very small end of the size scale for Rsphinxes, the Mincera has a lush orange coat and is the only Rsphinx to have a black headdress. She is friendly and loves to socialize, although she is not the cuddly-type like the Banoi. She mates often, much more so than any other Rsphinx. She can have kittens rarely, and only commons will appear in her litters.

Equal in size to the Mincera, the Stirai has a stunningly pure white coat exactly like the Saorome's, but has a beautiful headdress of many, ever-changing colors. She is friendly, but only just. She likes to keep to her bonded, and after a very long time, her bonded's other shinies. Sometimes she’ll take a flying leap out of the box and actually go and socialize, but it's rare. She does not birth after mating, which she does often, though not nearly as much as the Mincera.