Pyokith of Whazzit

Created by Nawat

Singular: Pyokit
Plural: Pyokith
Group: Pounce of Pyokith

General Info: Pyokith are small fuzzy quadrupeds, about two feet nose to tail. They resemble dog or cat type animals with longish legs and large paws. They have very tiny webbed wings which don't exactly allow them to fly, but they have levitation powers which allow them to move in the air freely, and they tend to flap their wings when in 'flight' for novelty's sake. They are marked with squared-off stripes on their head, back, and legs, plus a collar stripe at the base of their wings, over their neck and chest. On their faces, they have marks on both cheeks, the top of their heads, and the tips of their ears. Their tails reach halfway down their legs and are puffs of fuzz the color of their markings with a stripe the color of their normal fur. They're very intelligent and have sharp claws and teeth, although they look innocent. All Pyokith are generally friendly, hyper, and love to play tricks.

Pyokith do mindspeak, but they aren't incredibly good at it. They're prone to numerous grammar mistakes and short, incomplete sentences.

Mating Info: Pyokith mating is odd. Usually, the female chooses a contest, whether it is a game, a chase, or perhaps a challenging riddle game, and the male who wins is the one she chooses.

Bonding Info: Young Pyokith are attracted by the people themselves, not offerings. But they will certainly be entertained by offerings, especially trinkets. They eat fruits and insects, as well as small birds if they can catch them.


Vita are large, energetic balls of fluff. These queens are usually white, silver, or pale gray with red stripes, although midnight blue is not uncommon. The calmest of the species, they tend to be very intelligent and love riddles. Not as hyper or bouncy as the others, their humor tends to be well thought-out, but beware of practical jokes. Vita mate seldomly, but can bear up to fourteen kits.

Shining black creatures, Letum are the most regal looking Pyokith and the first lords. They have sky blue to ghost white stripes against an ebony background. Leaning towards mischievous practices, they love secrets the most of all and will sneak around everywhere in hopes of hearing something interesting. They are also the best at acting; they can quickly act as a non-intelligent creature to avoid punishment for being somewhere they shouldn't.

Much more happy and carefree than Letum, the Astrum is light blue with deeper stripes, often fading into black. These males can't seem to sit still for anything, and love to fly around at high speeds. Never mind if they run into something; they're great at bouncing back. They are the largest, but certainly not the most mature. They love getting people to laugh at their antics.

Pale green and silver, these females are quite small and dainty. They seem to ghost everywhere, quiet and graceful... until they start to act. Master planners, they can spend days plotting a single practical joke, and have the skills to 'obtain' all the materials they need. Often hoarders, they are attracted to small, flashy objects like jewelry. This weakness can help to find one if they are hiding, since they will almost always jump at the opportunity to add to their collection. They mate infrequently, and bear kits even more infrequently.

A highly friendly color, they are shades of lavender with gray to black stripes. These common females love to talk, and will chat for hours with anything they can. They are quite interesting, but become bored quite quickly and need lots of entertainment. With a strange ability to be able to talk to plants, they don't run out of options too soon. Their favorite things are stories, especially ones with ironic endings. They love irony. Fidus mate commonly and have kits very rarely.

A brazen orange and yellow, the Animulas' stripes are brassy hues. They are the natural attention-grabbers without making an effort, but don't automatically seek to be looked upon. The most patient of all, these males will actually wait for someone to finish speaking before asking questions, jumping on them, or begging for food. Their favorite thing? Music.

Females of sandy yellow with black stripes, the Caelum are definitely the smallest and most unobtrusive of the colors. However, they are also the wisest. Disguised behind their silly personalities are great minds. Often good at advising, they don't realize their strength in wisdom and don't freely render advice, nor do people normally ask them since they don't seem like they would help. They like material things, but not necessarily those of great worth. Anything that has thought and care put into it is a fitting treat. They are as rare as Vita queens, but do not mate or bear kits.