Psyders of Whazzit

Created by Dmitri

Singular: Psyder
Plural: Psyders
Group: Web of Psyders

General Info: Psyders are gangly-legged spiders. They are about the size of a fist and feature basic arachnid anatomy; a large abdomen with four pairs of thin, hairy legs and spinners hidden on the abdomen's underside. The first three pairs of legs are covered in thick bristly hair, enabling movement on even vertical terrain. The hindmost pair is hook-shaped, hairless, and ends in dexterous claws which Psyders learn to use to manipulate thread at a young age. For a skilled Psyder, the creative possibilities are endless; for the most part however Psyders use thread for transportation, swinging swiftly from one string to another with incredible precision and speed.

Though appearing thin and fragile, a Psyder's coarse exoskeleton can withstand intense pressure, flame, water, radiation, rolled-up newspapers, or even a stray foot, so don't worry about accidentally stepping on them. Psyders are by no means indestructible, however. After enduring a certain amount of abuse, or simply at a certain age, a Psyder will shed its old shell to reveal a smooth, soft new exoskeleton, much like the one they have at birth. Until this new skin hardens Psyders are vulnerable to even the slightest possible danger.

Psyders communicate with one another by rapidly clicking together their mandibles. They sometimes pick up a word or two of mindspeech, and maybe even write words using their webbing, but it is doubtful that they can learn what these words mean. Their natural diet consists of insects and small rodents, but few Psyders will not enjoy an exotic treat.

Psyders' most distinguishing characteristic are their numerous mystical eyes, the number and mastery over which depends on rank. There are seven types of eyes, which are as follows:

Heat: An eye blessed with heat vision sees warm colors indicating varying levels of warmth, while grays represent room-temperature zones, and dark blue marks a particularly frigid area.
X-Ray: Focusing on any particular physical barrier renders it invisible. Psyders endowed with this trait tend to walk into walls or predators if they forget to look at instead of through them, making this lens a fairly rare one in the wild.
Microscope: Able to discern every little detail of a given object in impeccable resolution as long as the specimen in question is close by. It will perceive only blurred color when made to look into the distance.
Telescope: As long as there's nothing between the viewer and the object, a telescope can see to infinity, but the quality of the image is mediocre to begin with and only gets worse with distance.
Emotion: All beings are shrouded in an aura of emotion, pictured as a whirl of conflicting colors with one or two dominant in the middle. Funnel Weavers can even provoke a certain emotion to preside over others.
Hypnotism: Perhaps the most common because of its practicality for staring down predators or prey in the wild, gazing into this lens induces dizziness or even paralysis with a small enough victim.
Destruction: Though lacking significant destructive ability, with patience this eye slowly erodes any material. Generally, only Funnel Weavers develop enough mastery to actually see what they are destroying.

Mating Info: The female will set up web-made obstacles, such as traps or mazes. She will then climb to a tall place and emit streams of half-formed webbing, which catch the wind, traveling far and wide to attract the males. Wandering the various impediments, the males may become frustrated and fight each other; however, the thread-labyrinth may be designed so that the males never even contact one another. Occasionally, she will descend from her hiding spot, seize a suitor, and throw him into another portion of the large web arrangement, whether it helps or hinders the male. After a while, she seizes one of her suitors, but does not return him to the puzzle of thread—then, the mating ritual is over.

Bonding Info: Psylings, born by the hundreds, all look like tiny balls of soot. Completely dependent on their mother, each one must be tied separately to a high, safe place, allowing their exoskeletons to dry and harden. When the time is right, the threads break; ideally, the webbing cushions the fall, but does not entrap or suffocate the Psyling. Only queens have the maternal instinct to preserve their young to a bondable stage; even Black Widows cannot keep more than two-dozen. While born with all their eyes, Psylings are as good as blind until they master their own power. They grow quickly, developing any rank-distinguishing marks after a few weeks and coming to full size within a year or two.


Black Widow
These elegant females have four eyes and as the queen of Psyders they are the only ones who can utilize all eyes at once. They are often a sleek, glossy black, although not necessarily, with a red hourglass shape somewhere on their body, and keep up to 20 Psylings.

Brown Recluse
All Brown Recluses have four eyes, but can only utilize one at a time. They tend to be a dark brown in color though many colours are possible, and more thickset than other Psyders. Females are the junior queens and can keep up to 12 Psylings.
Female: 3 PSP
Male: 2 PSP

Yellow Sac
The second lords of the Psyders have three eyes, and can open up to two of them at once. They are black with pale yellow on their underbellies.

Funnel Weaver
These Psyders have one eye which they have particularly powerful mastery over. They tend to be the most skilled with their webs, typically have grey or tan markings on them, and are known to have exceptionally bristly legs. Females can keep up to six Psylings.
Female: 2 PSP
Male: 1 PSP

Jewel Psyders are two-eyed common females. They are the most easily distinguishable of their ranks, since their hairs stand long and erect, forming clusters at the edges of their abdomen. These appear as a ring of spines, always a color contrasting impressively with that of their bodies.

Daddy Long-Legs
These common males are one-eyed, and are usually dusty or dark in color. They tend to be rather frail-looking with longer-than-average legs. This allows them to travel surprisingly fast over ground, carrying themselves high over uneven terrain; however, they encounter much more difficulty in handling thread.

These Psyders can be male or female, have one eye, and are distinguished by their disproportionately large and almost perfectly round abdomens. They tend to be reddish brown or black but have all sorts of other appearances as well.