Prezzies of Whazzit

Created by Danika

Singular: Prezzie
Plural: Prezzies
Group: Bag of Prezzies

General Info: Prezzies are floating, jingling gift boxes wrapped in bright paper and simply bursting with good cheer. Though quite impossible to open (not that one should even try!), Prezzies emit a joyful ringing, jingling sound from within like a small chorus of holiday bells as they hover around a few feet off the ground. Each individual Prezzie is a unique little present, with a circular or rectangular shape of various proportions with solid, patterned, or designed wrapping paper and a mess of ribbon piled on top in various styles and colors. The ends of these ribbons are fairly strong and very flexible, able to grasp objects like little hands. Mostly though Prezzies curl their ribbons into various shapes to express their emotions, since they have no voice other than their merry jingles.

While Prezzies are quite resistant to many things normal presents are weak to, such as inclement weather and the sticky, grabby hands of children, they are still vulnerable to fire, so owners should be mindful of any open fires (with or without chestnuts roasting on them) or lit candles in their homes.

Mating Info: The first clue that a female Prezzie is ready to rise is the almighty noise she'll make, louder than a whole host of carolers. She'll then float and bounce through the air as loud as can be, and once she is tired she will turn around and finally acknowledge the males that were following her. Then she extends her ribbons towards them and they extend theirs. After a few minutes, the males draw their ribbons back until the female and her chosen male are the only ones clasped together, and they jingle off into the distance.

Bonding Info: Several weeks after her chase, the female Prezzie will uncurl her ribbons and reveal one to four small Prezzies ready to be bonded. They grow to full size within hours and bond very easily.


No two Prezzies are exactly the same size, shape, and color, but they are all worth the same PSP! In addition, females tend to have more sparkly, metallic colors than males.