Powlets of Whazzit

Created by Loka

Singular: Powlet
Plural: Powlets
Group: Flock of Powlets

General Info: Powlets came into being when the PIF decided that there simply were not enough birdlike Shinies out there. Because chickens were appropriately random, as well as being birds, the PIF decided to use them as a template, the only problem being that they were not sparkly enough. Powlets were created to solve that problem, lovely creatures that resemble chickens of all different breeds with especially glossy, almost metallic, feathers. They eat pretty much anything they can get their beaks on or into.

Powlets aren't much smarter than the chickens they resemble, and communicate through clucks and other typical chicken sounds.

Mating Info: A female Powlet can be quite random in what she wants from her suitors. More often than not she wants to see them fight to prove their strength, but she may decide to end the fight early to lead the males on a chase. When a fight takes place it also serves to tire out the males some, so that there is less risk of the female being caught before she is ready. The chase tends to be highly erratic, taking advantage of any and every natural obstacle in the area. Despite their inability to fly, Powlets can still cover a lot of ground with their powerful legs, so for a female Powlet to truly test the pursuing males the chase needs to be intense. Once the female decided that she has pushed to the males to their limits she chooses which one has impressed her the most.

Bonding Info: A mother Powlet will jealously guard her eggs until they are ready to hatch, and once they do hatch it's not safe to approach the hatchlings until they wander a sufficient distance from their mother. Like mundane chickens, Powlets hatch from eggs, starting life as wonderfully fluffy little chicks. The down of a chick shines as though dusted with glitter, and as they grow their down is replaces with stiff, gleaming feathers. A young Powlet can be lured away from its mother with an offering of food, though the higher ranks may look for other things, such as personality or an unusual offering. Lower ranked Powlets normally impress quickly, while those of higher ranks take their time, perhaps going to several different people before making their decision.


The undisputed queen of Powlets, D'orens are as intelligent as they are haughty. Her gleaming gold and silver feathers mark the D'oren's rank and are a point of pride for her. Adding to the impressive appearance of a D'oren is her height, her back reaching the knees of most humanoids. If she chose to stand as tall as she could and stretch her neck she can appear even larger, to say nothing of the increase in size fluffing her feathers can create. Her large size coupled with her intelligence makes her the only female Powlet well suited for laying eggs and raising chicks. Normal clutch size is a dozen eggs.

Larger of the Powlet lords, Rourages are only slightly smaller than their queens. Like roosters, they have long, curving tail feathers making them as impressive to look at as D'orens in their own way. Their bold colors; reds, yellows and oranges; match their personality well. A Rourage is unafraid to use his size to his best advantage, pushing around Powlets and other shinies alike. He will never hesitate in chasing a D'oren, though he may decide lower ranking females to be beneath him.

Lesser Powlet lords, Blezurs have cool-colored feathers, coming in all shades of blue with occasional white highlights. Nowhere near as large as Rourages, they will still try to chase a D'oren, though they tend to prefer the smaller Vertas. Their small size can be used to their advantage, allowing them greater speed as well as the ability to fly for short distances since they are less heavy than higher ranks.

All shades of green, from deep emerald to the bright hues of new leaves, adorn the shining feathers of Vertas. Too small to make effective mothers, Vertas can still lay eggs after a chase, though they fail to take care of the eggs well enough for them to hatch without a bond's intervention. The typical Verta is finicky, both in who she chooses as a mate after a chase and who she chooses as a bond when she first hatches. It will take more than food to win her heart.

Lowest ranking of the male Powlets, Halivre are also least impressive to look at with their brown and tan feathers. Upon closer inspection it is possible to see metallic glints in their feathers and in the right light they can be positively dazzling, but unfortunately many people may overlook this. Only half the size of a D'oren, they normally stick to trying for the little Blanoirs. They are also considerably less intelligent than the higher ranks, making them easier to bond with. An offering of food is normally enough to gain their attention.

Lowest ranking and smallest of all Powlets, the dainty Blanoir possesses an understated beauty. Her feathers come in pure black and white, as well as all shades of gray and may be tinted with virtually any color at all. She will lead chases frequently, though they are not particularly long since her small size means that she lacks stamina. Small size also means that a Blanoir almost never lays so much as one egg, and even if she were to lay an egg, she lacks the mothering instinct to take care of it. Food is a good way to bond with a young Blanoir, though sometimes her choice seems totally random.

Never mind lowest males. There's nothing meek about this colorful Powlet, nothing demure or tiny; they are just about the size of a Verta, minus a few inches. They're hefty and colorful, a riot of rainbow hues, and they have a personality to match. Loud and proud, Coumere...tend to be a little confused. They're convinced they ought to be raising chicks. They'll thieve the nests of others of their species (really, they're not picky or overly bright, though, and roundish things are eggs) and actually, they aren't half-bad at brooding. They make great fathers, too, although they might be confused at their new baby Wher or Reijan. Doesn't mean they won't love their new baby.