Pongbats of Whazzit

Created by Katsumi

Singular: Pongbat
Plural: Pongbats
Group: Spree, but any term fits.

General Info: Pongbats are extremely simple creatures. They aren't very intelligent, they can't speak, and only the brightest of their species can even mimic sounds. All in all, they just aren't very bright individuals. They live in large groups under no specific name and are very sociable animals, getting droopy and depressed when isolated (sad Pongbat is sad). They huddle together when sleeping, and prefer dry, warm places. Any dry, warm place will do, from pockets to cleavage to a rock in the Sahara. They do not handle the cold well, despite their thick, plush fur. They get their name, quite possibly, from their appearance, which resembles a winged ping-pong ball. They have small wings, large ears, and a pig-like nose, which, other than their eyes, is the only discernible thing about them. The rest is covered in their velvety soft fur. Somewhere between the size of your average Earth hamster and a baseball, Pongbats can squeeze into just about any small space, which makes Pong-proofing your home a real pain in the butt, but assists them when they're zipping around eating insects. They will also eat fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The majority of Pongbats are very curious little beasts, but with their low average intelligence and short attention spans, well, don't be surprised if fly into the same window again and again. Which is pretty fun to watch, especially with the accompanying 'ping' sound they make when they hit anything.

One aspect about Pongbats that makes them all the more endearing, and even more infuriating, is the fact that wherever they go they leave a thick trail of glitter. That's right, the herpes of the craft's world. Everywhere. It would appear that the glitter comes from a pair of glands located close to the skin under the wings, and this glitter is a key factor in what rank a Pongbat carries. The glitter is used to attract mates, but while not in a chase, it really serves no purpose at all. It is fairly easy to locate Pongbat spells from the high glitter concentration. Pongbats may have fur of any color and pattern.

Mating Info: Pongbat flights are relatively short-lived events. A female will flutter around spewing forth a mixture of her scent and glitter, and males, attracted more to the sparkly than to the smell, follow her. When she gets distracted from glittering the surrounding plants, she'll begin her flight, an aerial dance. This is the only time you will ever find a graceful Pongbat. The winning male is selected on basis varying from female to female. Some choose the fastest, the strongest, the prettiest, the one who has the most glitter. There's no definite winner until the choice is made. All females can give birth, but those of the Common Ranks (Infrared, Microwave, and Radio) can only give birth to 1-2 Pongs, while Gammas are capable of giving birth between 8-15 Pongs, though that is more an average than a set number.

Bonding Info: Pongbat bondings are usually on the messy side, but they're also a ton of fun and very interactive. Potential bonders arrive with their choice of supplies, and a day of arts and crafts ensues. Refreshments are offered, and glitter is spread like the plague it truly is. Pongs flutter around on their still-new wings and try to 'assist' with the creative process. Glue is both a joy and a torment for these winged shinies, for their glitter sticks to it quite nicely... but so do their furry bodies. Pongbats do not decline offers of shiny trinkets and food, and they sometimes make their bonds solely off that.


Gammas are the Queens of the Pongbats. They are generally slightly less intelligent, and almost always greedy. They will create small hordes of items, even ones of little to no value, just to keep them from others. Their glitter is always rainbow in coloration, mixed with white. They are usually smaller than an Ultraviolet, but larger than a Radio.

Ultraviolet are the largest of Pongbats, and the first Lord. Ultraviolet are very bossy and will push around other Pongbats, regardless of rank. They are the bullies of the species, no doubt about it. Ultraviolets are the loudest and are almost as obnoxious as Microwaves. Their glitter is always blue of varying shades, from powder blue to navy, but never purple, and is mixed with black glitter.

Visibles are, contrary to what their name may hint at, actually the smallest of the Lords, and easily the most curious. They're nosy, always getting into things and seem to take great joy in being underfoot. They aren't necessarily more intelligent than the other Pongbats, but they have a slightly longer memory than the others of their species, even if their attention span is just as short. Their glitter is red (from pink to maroon) mixed with black.

The first of the Commons, Infrareds may come in either gender. They tend to be the most social of the Pongbats and will swoop in on company unannounced. They are also the only rank that seems able to differentiate between colors, and because of this, they are capable of picking a 'favorite'... that is likely to change every other day because of their short attention span. Their glitter is green, and males' glitter is mixed with gold, while females' is mixed with silver. Infrareds are larger than Visibles, but not by a lot.

The next of the Commons, Microwaves are generally jittery, spastic creatures. They seem to bounce off the walls and it's almost as if they're completely incapable of sitting still long enough to even sleep. They are also the most destructive, as a rule, and will shred toilet paper and dig small holes in your garden (that you will likely never even notice). Their glitter is yellow, with males' glitter mixed with gold, and females' mixed with silver. Microwaves are the largest of the Commons, but are noticeably smaller than the Ultraviolets, about on par in size with the Gammas.

The final Common, Radios have an interesting trait- when they open their mouths, a static-like sound comes out. If you listen long enough, you may even catch snippets of religious commentary or Spanish talk shows! They are playful and are real snugglebugs. Their glitter is purple (in the right light it might appear blue, but their personalities are so different from Ultraviolets, mistakes are never made), and males' glitter is mixed with gold, while females' is mixed with silver. Radios are larger than Visibles, but smaller than the other ranks.