Phoenixes of Whazzit

Created by Danika

Singular: Phoenix
Plural: Phoenixes
Group: Pyre of Phoenixes

General Info: The Phoenixes of Whazzit arrived under pretty odd circumstances. Coming before Seraphelines, Demonhounds and Celeste Cats, the people of Whazzit were getting idly annoyed that all they could have was Gryphons, Dragons and their respective miniatures. They wanted more shinies. One particular supporter of this cause stood on outcroppings of stone and demand more shinies. Who they demanded them from, no one really knew, they just agreed that they should have more shinies. Then, when the thirst for pretties became fevered, a sparkling began in the sky, and slowly moved closer... and closer... until a cluster of heatless burning birds the size of a torso flew from the sky, landing on the man and causing him to faint, falling from the outcropping into the lake below where he was eaten by something shiny. We aren't really sure what.

Phoenixes are about the size of an average human's torso with long peacock-like tails. They are on fire from the moment of hatching with smokeless, heatless flames. They're impossibly fast fliers, and can outstrip even a Gryphon. Phoenixes do not mindspeak, but they are highly intelligent and sometimes humans can come to understand their songs. They can also send images.

Mating Info: When mating, female Phoenixes lead their suitors into a dizzying flight up into the cold recesses of the atmosphere, above the clouds where nothing else exists and air is thin. They then are caught and float gently downwards until they reach the ground, giving sparks the whole way, looking rather like falling fireworks. After a few months when they're ready to clutch, the two mates huddle together and implode, leaving behind eggs, a fine layer of ash, and two extra hatchlings, which are really the parents reincarnated. The parents eventually regrow into their former size and rejoin their bonds.

Bonding Info: When Phoenixes hatch, they momentarily remain flameless and are quite ugly, though this lasts for so small a fraction of a second that most cannot catch it. After they ignite and shake the flames to their full size, they will bond to pretty much the first person they see or choose; each phoenix is different. One who offers meat and preferably some source of metal to chew on is often successful, for Phoenixes adore metal for snacking.


Whites are the queen Phoenixes, and are the only ones able to clutch. Their flame-feathers are white, the color of the hottest fire, but their long tails contain each of the other colors. They mate semi-frequently, and clutch up to sixteen eggs.

Reds are the larger of the lord Phoenixes, and are just a bit smaller than Whites. Their flame-feathers are as red as burning iron, and they participate often in any flights.

Yellows are the smaller of the lord Phoenixes, but almost size up to the Reds. Their flame-feathers are a steadily burning yellow, tinged with a little orange, the color of a steady flame.

Blues are the largest common females, but are still a noticeable knock-down in size from Yellows. Their flame-feathers are the tinge of the heart of a fire, the ghostly blue that lingers near the burning fuel. They rise and implode a few times a Turn, but it never results in clutches.

Greens are the smallest and only common males, just barely smaller than Blues. Their flame-feathers are of the odd green shade that fire takes on when it touches certain metals.

Purples are the smallest Phoenixes of all. They are female, and tend to be a bit shier than their fellows. Their flame-feathers are deep violet, the crackling edges of flames wisping into the sky. They rise and implode quite often, but never clutch.