Pegasi of Whazzit

Created by Danika

Singular: Pegasus
Plural: Pegasi
Group: Herd of Pegasi

General Info: The Pegasi of Whazzit are not quite so different from the popular myths of them, but there are a few noted changes. They are not intelligent as Unicorns are; Pegasi are negligibly smarter than Blazemounts, which makes them only just barely noticeably smarter than horses. Pegasi do not mindspeak, and do not have the ability to transmit any image. They communicate through posturing and your typical horse sounds.

Pegasi can fly, but their method is more of running on air than of actually using their wings. They do have those, however, as they are essential for getting off of the ground and staying up! Not to mention they are one of a Pegasus' largest notes of pride. They fly through the air, though when on clouds they can walk or gallop on them as though they were solid ground. Their multi-colored hooves strike varied shocks of color into the air and clouds around them. Each Pegasus is born with a coat of a normal horse, colorwise, and any number of colors on their wings. The only discrepancy is that their hooves have a sheen of color around them that denotes their rank. This is the color that they shock into the air, but the most they can do is little sparks of color when they're young. Their manes and tails are their other most noted features, always seemingly windblown.

Mating Info: Pegasi mating rituals are a bit of both flying and chasing and are a sight to behold. The female leads her chasers on a gallop through the clouds, leaving a wake of vibrant color that scatters across the sky for miles and can last for hours.

Bonding Info: When bonding, Pegasi like to have people chase them. When they are young they're not as fast as they will be when fully grown, but they still lead quite a chase and are impossible to catch unless they want you to. It's more of a test to see your skill and character.


The only queen Pegasi, Auroras are the largest. Their coats and wings are any number of colors just as those of other Pegasi are. Their hooves, however, and more importantly their sky-coloring, are a mixture of cool green-blues, dark indigo-violets, and bright red tones. Auroras have no set personality, varying as greatly as those who hope to bond them. They can foal up to seven at a time, as Pegasi foals are extremely small.

The largest of the male Pegasi, Sunsparks are still quite a step down from Auroras. They tend to have bright coat and wing colors. Their hoof and sky colorings range among the spectrum of blazing hot sunbeams, with whites, yellows, and oranges dominant, making their path across the sky a bit harder to look at. They tend to be a lot flashier than any of the other colors, proud to show off to other Pegasi and humanoids.

Nearly the same size as Sunsparks, Nightwaves are also lord males. They tend to be darker than usual in coat and wing color. Their hoof and sky colorings are deep blacks, indigos, violets, and navys, spreading the inky colors of midnight. They love to be stealthy, and are the best at doing so, practically silent when they want to be as they run on clouds.

The only common males, Cloudfrosts are a definite drop down in size from Nightwaves and around the same size as Moonfires. Their hoof and sky colorings are bright blues, whites and silvers, like the coloring of the chilly clouds that hang benevolently in the sky. They tend to be very easy-going compared to the other Pegasi.

The larger of the common females, rivaling Cloudfrosts, Moonfires are very quiet compared to their fellow ranks, seldom whinnying or intentionally thundering across the sky. Their hoof and sky colorings are light silvers, pale yellows, and ghostly whites, the shimmering colors of intangible moonbeams. Their coat and wing colorings tend to be faded-looking. They have mating chases rather frequently but have no foals.

Common females and the smallest of all Pegasi, Dawnblushes are nevertheless generally the most active of the bunch. Their hoof and sky colorings are the warm light shades of sunrise, reds and oranges dominating though pastels of nearly every color making their way in at times. They tend to be quite hyperactive. They have mating chases very frequently but never foal.