Nogards of Whazzit

Created by Bryan

Singular: Nogard
Plural: Nogards
Group: Party of Nogards

General Info: Small water dragons, Nogards are summed up as Firelizards that live in water with a few tiny changes. Their tails and what would be their wings are long fins which help propel them quickly through water. Nogards prefer shellfish, small fishes, or small bits of bread for eating. They have lungs and thus breathe air, and can be out of water for prolonged periods of time if need be. They can survive in any sort of water, and can also throw water like dragons throw flame by use of a second stomach that holds it. They can go between as well, but are more cautious in doing so as they cannot fly if they end up in clear air and they don't want to end up betweening into ground. In short, they'll usually only between into water they know.

They convey meaning to their owners by telepathically sent images and can parrot a few spoken words, but they usually don't learn many and never use sentences.

Mating Info: They mate by a chase over vast leagues of water, through which leaps out of water and small tricks are frequent. The winner and the chaser then take deep breaths which can last them for a long while, and float gently to the bottom.

Bonding Info: Nogard hatchlings will hatch out of eggs laid near the shore but in the water. They will crawl out and bond to humans present if there are any, or go wild otherwise.


Sea Nogards are the only queens, and are the largest of the species. Their hides are a light teal, with white and yellow specks ranging over it. They're very intelligent and make the best leaders of the bunch. They mate infrequently but lay substantial clutches ranging from seven to twenty eggs.

Oceans are the first lords and the second largest of the Nogards, just a little smaller than Seas. Their hides range from a deep navy to a lighter cerulean but never lighter than that. Their fins are white, and they occasionally have white streaks or markings. They are very affectionate towards their owners, and tend to be a bit clingy.

Swamps are the second lords and barely smaller than Oceans. Their hides range over shades of murky browns and greens, with occasional black speckles. They're a very curious and mischievous lot generally, and need a lot of training before you can let one out of your sight without it causing trouble.

Rivers are a bit of a larger drop-down in size from Swamps, and are noticeably smaller overall. Their hides are usually a clear crystal light blue color or sometimes violet, though it can range in shade and is sometimes a light gray. They're very curious like their larger Swamp cousins but not as adamantly so, and mischief is not a problem with them. Most trouble they cause is purely accidental. Rivers can be male or female.

Lakes are a bit smaller than Rivers, but not quite the tiniest. Their hides are a deep violet, sometimes black shade, the dusky color of deep, still water. They tend to be much more relaxed and easy-going than their fellows, and it usually takes some sort of motivation to get them to do something, even for their owners. Lakes can be male or female.

Puddles are the smallest of all Nogards, giving them natures that are often timid and shy. They are never aggressive but very curious. Their hides are all shades of brown, from drab to fab, sometimes sporting hints of other hues such as brownish eggplant or russet. Puddles can be male or female.