Llanorte of Whazzit

Created by Sparkie

Singular: Llanor
Plural: Llanorte
Group: Tribe of Llanorte

General Info: Llanorte are a proud, shamanistic species. They resemble low-slung lizards, ranging in size from six to ten feet in length including tail, with cat-pupiled eyes and lion paws. Their diet consists of any animal or plant matter; they vary as much as humanoids do. Their scales, while slightly metallic, tend to lean towards the less flashy side with colors of mottled browns and grays, though sometimes undertones of green or blue will appear. Their most notable feature, however, is not one they are born with. All Llanorte wear a pelt of a strange beast that was apparently their rival before they relocated to Whazzit. These pelts, fastened to each Llanor with a leather collar, vary in color depending on the creature's rank. The Llanor's own color or size doesn't affect anything, although males are generally larger than females. Ranks can be either gender. Any further significance of these pelts is unclear, but it is strictly forbidden to remove the pelt once it has been placed on a Llanling. They are only removed after the wearer has died, symbolizing a release from enmity and mortal worries.

The Llanorte have their own complex language called Llassta, but it is very difficult to learn even a few simple words. All Llanorte are born knowing this language, and many even master Common as they grow, though the lower-ranked have less proficiency.

Only the most diligent and talented of the Llanorte are taught to harness their magical potential with shaman rituals or medicines. At the height of their prowess, a Llanor will be able to mix powerful medicines and perform rituals to locate individuals. All Llanorte are tolerant of other species, welcoming others to share in their food and warm nests. But take advantage or disrespect, and they will shun the offender's specie until the end of time. Perhaps that was the case with the furred beasts that stand testament to their powers: eternity as decoration and warmth for their old enemies.

Mating Info: Llanorte mate very infrequently after their first chase, but their first takes place after approximately a year and a half of their life. The female will act as if feral, leading the males on a long chase. She will not tire or concede defeat, but must be caught by a male and pinned, a sort of wrestling match. Other males may try to free the female for their own interests, for two or three pinning attempts usually occur before the female is truly caught. The winner of this first chase is most often favored by the female for her future chases. Eggs are laid about a month afterwards, and hatch fairly quickly two to three weeks is average.

Bonding Info: Llanor hatchlings, referred to as Llanlings, are particularly unintelligent at birth. They will generally wander towards food, but lucky for them it is their parents who will make the bonds for them. The father and mother will watch their offspring interact with hopefuls, and eventually decide on a home for each. Before handing over a precious Llanling, they will attach a beast pelt to it, finally making its rank clear for all to see. It would be wise to pay ample homage to the parents, obviously. There will be a definite mental bond from the Llanling to its bonded, conveying physical sensations as well as cluttered thought pictures. The pelts, taken from deceased Llanorte, will have shrunken in size to fit a Llanling, and will grow with them throughout their lives.

When naming their new shiny, a bonder should keep in mind that their kind will only accept a name in Llassta (a language so complex and unusual no humanoid has ever been able to make a guide for it, and most are under the impression it is entirely made up, although any Llanor will assure you it is indeed a very proper and regulated language). As a result of this part of Llanorte heritage, the bonder will typically ask the Llanor to translate a word from Common to use as its name, or ask the Llanling's parent to do so if the Llanling is still too young to understand Common well enough yet.


These Llanorte are the only to have pelts with true markings. The garments are usually silver or tawny with black markings of any sort, and never bear signs of age or disuse. Hatchlings with these pelts are strong and protective, and they must be as the leaders. The rank is noticeably rarer than others, but males appear more often than the female queens.
Female: 4 PSP
Male: 3 PSP

A step down from true leaders, these Llanorte are given pelts of solid, dusty colors. The paws of the pelts are white or lighter than the base color. They grow to be loyal and eager to please. Males and females of the Xabrassen rank occur equally.

Their pelts are dark, either black or very deep sable, and more than a few have bloodstains. Those granted a Telmenai pelt are suspicious but kindhearted, liking to assert themselves. Males of this rank are more common than females.
Female: 2 PSP
Male: 1 PSP

The pelts given to these Llanorte have wickedly long fangs curving from the snouts, often cutting the brow of one who wears it. Ildalrae are used to misfortune and will gracefully accept whatever comes their way, a quality that is admirable but often under-appreciated by others. It is more likely that an Ildalrae will be female than male.
Female: 1 PSP
Male: 2 PSP

Aggressive and downtrodden, the pelts of this kind are roughly worn, often scattered with holes and torn at the edges. They were once grand, clearly, but have now faded to blotchy tan or aged yellow-white. Like Xabrassen, males and females have the same probability of occurring.