Kyae of Whazzit

Created by Kimira
Image by Hataru

Singular: Kyae
Plural: Kyae
Group: Herd of Kyae

General Info: Kyae are generally speaking reptilian. One could almost call them draconic, but alas, they aren't even distantly related to Whazzit's dragons. They were actually engineered by some long-forgotten emperor, mixing an almost extinct species of jungle dragons on some equally-forgotten planet with stout, hardy horses and one species of crazily colored lizards. The results were at first ugly, bird poop-colored, lumpy-hided beasts with zilch for a brain. Over time, they evolved and changed, and one day, a slightly mad descendant of that original emperor decided to pick up his great(x450?)-grandfathers' pets and turn them into something more interesting. He commissioned a scientist, and, over a course of a few generations managed to push enough drugs and enchantments and various other forms of enlightenment into the beasts to choke a horse. It had a few adverse effects, but in short time the throwbacks (horribly smart beasts, dangerous to all) were weeded out, and the modern beast we know as a Kyae emerged.

Physically, they're around the size of a good-sized horse. They have no fur (other than the occasional mane), but instead have a smooth, incredibly soft hide that nearly has the texture of velvet, which varies in colour depending on rank and comes in any pattern imaginable. Their build is a nice mixture of their ancestors. They're as tall as a horse, with the body and legs longer than most dragons. They have no wings, four legs, and and two rainbow eyes that never have just one distinct color, although they do not whirl like Dragons' do. Their tails are half again as long as their body, but do not drag on the ground, instead acting to balance the Kyae. Their heads are nearly that of the Pernese dragons, by some oddity or other mostly that the Pernese dragons' head is much like a horse's is. They have no headknobs or eyeridges, but long, almost rabbit-like ears. Occasionally a Kyae will crop up with one of three adornments: a mane that runs from between their ears to their tailtips; spikes running the same length; or a barb much like a scorpion's that may rest at the tip of their tails. Their teeth are that of a grazer, though they rarely eat anything they feed off of the energy of everything around them most of the time, though they will take anything they're offered, more out of politeness than anything else.

Kyae are highly intelligent, and speak in full sentences. They tend to ramble a bit; there's so much you CAN put in your language, why would one ever leave it out?

Mating Info: A Kyae's mating ritual is as complicated as she wants it to be. She can do anything with it that she likes, as it were. She is free to pick any method of picking her mate, any game or random idea that her devious little mind can dream up. Chases, riddles, swimming, rolling... who knows what a Kyae will do when she goes into heat. Females have been known to be very creative with this. They tend to be a little mean-spirited for a while before the chase hormones, you know. Alas, they can't fly, but it doesn't mean that you won't find a Xheir who doesn't try to! Males are discouraged from coming close enough to the girlie for her to bite or kick; she probably will. After she mates, the female will carry her young for as long as it takes she can be pregnant for as long as it takes for her to get to somewhere that's safe to raise young.

Bonding Info: Kyae do not lay eggs. As mentioned, they can, and do, keep their young unborn for as long as is necessary. They do indeed hold live births, and a surprising amount of young Kyae can be born from one female. All female bear young. Kyae are always born in even numbers; lest one die before birth, their numbers will always add up to evens. The young Kyae linger with their mothers for months before they are deemed ready to forge a bond with any humanoid, and learn the intricacies of many languages before they make their way to whatever bonding site they will. Though they are young when they bond, they are still highly intelligent, and none will bond unless they know the common language and don't feel like they'll make a fool of themselves they have their pride to uphold, after all. Thus, by the time they bond the Kyae are usually somewhere around half-grown, physically and mentally. If a female is born with a rank no other Kyae in the litter has, she is pronounced head female. Males and females always appear in equal numbers. When naming, keep these rules in mind: Female names must end in -ri, male names must start with ky-, and every head female chooses her own name.


Head Female: 4 PSP
Male: 2 PSP
Female: 1 PSP

First and smallest, Xheir are the kindest of Kyae. They are gentle souls, prone to innocence and joy, rarely delving into pensiveness, and no Xheir is considered outright cruel. They are smaller than all others by a few inches, but make that up in blind loyalty when it comes to those they love; treasure them well, for Xheir would quickly cast their lives for those they love. Rarely straying from the reaches of soft, pastel blues and yellows, they are pleasing on the eyes. The blues do range, if only slightly, from the palest of whispy cloud-touched skies, to somewhat stronger, deeper colors, though few have been noted to carry these. Their yellow splotches tend to range from smooth cream to soft, pale gold. Do not think them to be empty-headed like Vhao, for they are highly intelligent, even if most prefer to keep that information to themselves unless pushed.

It is of no doing of their own that Vhao are ignorant and generally as empty-headed as the vaguest of Alunas. Sure, they can and will speak freely, but most of the time it's just to speak to fill silence which so offends them, foreboding and for all they know deadly. Thus they can ramble for hours on the most inane of things, the least important things one could even consider, but it keeps them content. They are violently colored with sharp purples and frightening oranges. It's almost as if, to match their erratic personalities, their colors arranged themselves as opposite as one can imagine, the insanely clashing colors almost resembling a dart frogs' bright warning: run, danger! Truly, very few Vhao even have the attention span to mean any any harm.

Stark contrast to the beautiful, soft shades of their Xheir brothers and sisters, Zhroe are harsh and uncompromising maroon and gold. They carry themselves with pride through anything that is thrown at them. They have no set height, varying in size to rival their Vhao and Khaev brethren, to appearing smaller than the Xheir. Prone to rashness and foul tempers, it is sometimes hard to restrain one of these small terrors. Though none can be the same as another, and shy or even benign Zhroe are certainly not unheard of, their personalities mostly ring true. Their color varies little, rarely straying into brighter reds, though their golds can vary immensely; from yellow-gold to copper and back. Seeming to match their tempers, many Zhroe are born with that venomous sac on the ends of their tails, an easy reminder of their... peculiarities.

Unlike any of their brethren, Khaev are pensive and brooding. In fact, their hides make grave testament to this; they range from solemn gray-green with wavering blue and back around, mostly drearily misted with silver fog. There is an ethereal quality about their misted forms that is endearing, but it all pales when compared to the depth of their minds. Most would simply think that Khaev are brooding and melancholy, for all their lack of easy conversation, but really, they just spend most of their time thinking. They can be seen as prickly and even quick-tempered, much like Zhroe, but fear not! For they are generally gentle, if gruff. They equal Vhao in size, though that tends to vary a little. Some are larger, some smaller than their empty-headed kin. It really doesn't seem to matter much to them, though. What is size, in the grand scheme of things?