Kanbi of Whazzit

Created by Berri

Singular: Kanbi
Plural: Kanbi
Group: Bowl of Kanbi

General Info: Lovely confections most popular around Halloween, tri-coloured, sweet, and made almost entirely of sugar, honey, and corn syrup. Everybody loves it. Candy corn, that is. But don't try to eat these tiny candies, because they're not really candies at all. What are they? Well, shinies, of course! Fortunately for these tiny creatures, they do have a distinguishing quality that separates them from the candy they so resemble: two tiny eyes, a mouth, and wings! Kanbi can have either two or four fluttery bat wings, though four-winged Kanbi are much more uncommon. In addition to this, they can also spit a faintly luminous sort of webbing for building nests (or just to annoy people with).

Kanbi are relatively quiet, except for the occasional high-pitched squeak here and there, and the constant fluttering of wings.

Mating Info: Nobody is altogether sure about exactly how Kanbi are born. It is known that a female alone will occasionally produce real candy corn, and that a female and a male together will produce between one and five Kanbi babies.

Bonding Info: Like all good Whazzitians, we would like to believe that Kanbi look for something specific in their potential bonders. It seems, however, to be a rather random act based on immediate actions. Generally, there is nothing special one wishing to impress these cute little prettyshinycandies need do.


Kanbi can be either male or female, but look the same either way: triangular in shape, with three bands of color, one at the top, the middle, and the base, just like traditional candy corn. These colors can be any combination of yellow, orange, white, and brown, in any order, though no color ever repeats on a single Kanbi. While Kanbi with four wings are less common than the two-winged variety, they are worth the same amount of PSP and are generally sorted by gender alone.