Ialroaine of Whazzit

Created by Lialt
Image by Kimira

Singular: Ialroa
Plural: Ialroaine
Group: Pod of Ialroaine

General Info: Ialroaine are incredibly interesting creatures and are very charismatic when it comes to coping with emotions, having incredible powers of empathy. Ialroaine do not mindspeak or send images. Instead, all Ialroaine communicate through emotions, though they can still make sound. Above water these noises sound like strange barks, but beneath the surf they make beautiful music. The tone of their voices can either go very high or very low, varying on their rank.

Ialroaine are an odd mix between a giraffe and whale. They have the same features as both animals and are unique altogether. They could also be called 'giraffe-whales' or 'whale-giraffes', though the most common nickname for these creatures is 'waffle'. The combination of animals works well, where the body of the Ialroa is large and oval-shaped with a tail and fins just like your typical whale. Their heads have the features of a giraffe, from slender snouts to long eyelashes and a pair of fuzzy horns, and their long necks are the same as you would see on a normal giraffe. Ialroaine are covered in giraffe-patterned spots and have dinosaur-like ridges that vary in size and shape running down their spines. Their colors and size depend on their ranks, ranging from about seven feet up to thirteen. Waffles are strong swimmers; these gentle giants can hold their breath for up to an hour.

Mating Info: A female Ialroa will attract her suitors with a series of sounds such as barks or whistles, soon becoming very melodic and entrancing. She keeps singing until they arrive and the chase is ready to begin, but her song will continue underwater until she runs out of breath. All males will add their own song, and the wonderful noise that results is called 'watersong.' The Ialroaine remain underwater and if there are worthy males to choose from, she makes a decision and calves result. Sometimes, unfortunately, the males will run out of breath and the watersong will end.

Bonding Info: Young Ialroaine are born in a large area of calm water, such as a lake or gigantic bathtub, where they are raised by their mother and father until they are ready to bond. Mother Ialroaine are very protective of their young; candidates will need to wait on land until they receive permission to attend the baby waffles. When the humanoid is granted permission, the father will give a ride to him or her to the particular youth they have interest in (though he has been known to take liberties and escort humanoids to young of his own choosing rather than theirs). Ialroaine love vegetarian treats like seaweed, but it will still take more than a small offering to bond to one of these babes. Remember that they are creatures of empathy, so the easiest way to befriend one is to be yourself. When the calf is ready, it will make a strong emotional impression onto its chosen.


Lunai are the motherly queens of Ialroaine and are generally the largest of their species at around thirteen feet long. They are kind, gentle and have a large amount of patience. However, when a Lunai has young to care for, she can become extremely protective and mother Ialroaine are nothing to underestimate. A Lunai's voice is coloratura, reaching more extreme pitches than the other ranks in both highs and lows. Their spot colors vary in the shades of silver and the rest of their bodies range within the dark hues of blue, commonly navy. They can have up to four baby Ialroaine, and will give each the same amount of wary security.

Nonai are the great junior queens and can imitate the sounds of all the other ranks. They have the same amount of kindness and motherly protectiveness of their young as the Lunai, though are more playful with their children and by far less austere with prospective humanoids. Their length is measured in at about twelve feet. They are full of kindness and bliss. They can have two or three babies, and twins commonly occur. Their bodies are usually dyed in deep purple, and patterned with golds that are brighter than the spots of their brother Talui.

Talui are the same size as Nonai, and these lively Lords have kind of a robustly outgoing personality. Their voices are smooth and stay at an average low range of a bass. They are playful and casual, always keeping their cool. Their spots are a light gold, splotching their deep blue skin. Talui have quite a lordly appeal and are extra charismatic. They are friendly and don't look for much appearance-wise in others.

Dalui are the odd ones out of these species, having unerringly good opinions of most everything they come into contact with. This doesn't mean that they don't get along with others nor do they seclude themselves from the fun. Generally, they are friendly and upbeat. Their hides consist of profound crimsons, splotched with clean ivory white. Their length stretches to eleven feet. They are very gentle, but sometimes they can have very weird personalities and hobbies. Dalui voices keep at the high end of low notes, a clear tenor.

Silui can be quite stubborn lords at times, wishing to get their own way, though they tend to be the smallest lords at ten feet on average. They are reclusive, and enjoy being alone when they need to. These Lords donít mind the company of others, but they prefer to be in a solitary position where itís quiet. They have rather dark skin tones than their siblings. Their earthy bodies are colored in forest greens with spots of ocean blues, matching their tranquil personalities.

Galirei are the largest common males and also the shy lot of Ialroaine. They typically only reach nine feet in length. They get along with just about anyone and are very laid-back. Their bodies are very pale, covered in snowy white and spotted smoothly with silver. They are very sweet, and unlike the Silui, they enjoy the trustworthy comfort of others. Galirei are extremely quiet and timid so they arenít big party goers, but this doesnít mean they donít like to have fun!

Valumey are the only common females of Ialroaine. They are traditionally very friendly, and love to play. Sometimes they can be a little annoying and childish, but theyíre too adorable to be angry at. They are generally eight feet long. The voices of Valumey can go pretty high, and are fantastic sopranos. Their hides are usually blissful and bright. Sometimes they can even reach the hue of neon, always painted in purple or violet and spotted with pink. Though they tend to be very motherly, they do not have any young.

Akirei are the smallest Ialroaine, but this doesnít mean that these males are small at all; swimming at around only seven feet, give or take, still makes a difference in the world. They are incredibly playful, and very active. Their youthful personalities make them fun-loving and ready for any kind of game. Despite their size, the voice of an Akirei cannot reach high pitch, and remain at a superbly low bass quality. Their spots are a deep blue surrounded by smoky, light blue.

Looking very much like a traditional giraffe, Giramey are slightly longer than their Valumey sisters, averaging out at around nine feet. Their bodies come in shades of orange and yellow, generally on the pale side though vibrant hues are not unheard of, and their spots range from dark orange through all shades of brown. Though completely earnest in everything they do they tend to be more goofy than the other commons, enjoying watery acrobatics and good-natured laughter. Giramey sometimes produce one or two calves after a chase, and prefer to mother in groups so it is not uncommon to find two or three of them caring for their young together or with a trusted Valumey assistant.