Gryphons of Whazzit

Created by Danika

Singular: Gryphon
Plural: Gryphons
Group: Flock of Gryphons

General Info: Gryphons on Whazzit are like most gryphons of lore. They just kind of showed up one day, demanding beasties to eat and humans to bond. The front half of their bodies are akin to huge eagles: scaly forelegs, feathery bodies, and enormous wings. Where their feathers end, their back halves melt into the form of a lion, complete with soft fur, huge back paws, and tufted tails. They have large, feathery ears akin to a donkey's in shape. In size they range from 11' at the shoulder of the tallest Sun down to 6' at the same point for a large Nebula. Gryphons are just as intelligent as Dragons and can mind speak beautifully, however they seem to rely more on imagery.

These sizes can and do vary; remember that these are maximum heights. The average Sun would stand around 10'9" although they could be as small as a large Cloud, etc. Common ranks have about a foot in variance, so the smallest Nebula would likely be only 5 feet tall at the shoulder!

Mating Info: During a mating flight, female Gryphons screech a challenge, ravage a single animal until they eat the innards (intestines and the like), and then they lead their chasers on a wild flight through the sky until one catches the female. They lock their bird-like forefeet and lion-like hindpaws together and twirl through the skies.

Bonding Info: Gryphons clutch smallish mottled eggs on hot sands watched over by mother and father until they hatch. They then bond to a human by choosing for themselves, at which point they greet their bonded with their name that they already know (always ending in -ae).


Moons are the only queen Gryphons, and are a little smaller than Suns and Clouds. Their feathers range from soft gray to dark steel, while their fur is usually a pure, pristine white color, sometimes going to a darker, off-white, with a black pattern. They fly infrequently, but clutch very large.

Suns are the largest of all the Gryphons. Their feathers are all manner of reds, oranges, and yellows, most frequently but not always very bright and gaudy, and also sometimes sport small black markings.

Clouds are the second largest Gryphons, and second largest lord Gryphons. Their feathers are a mixture of gray and blue, ranging anywhere from sky to navy blues. Their fur is light gray, with blue and white markings.

Breezes are the smallest of the lords, and are slightly larger than Stars. Their feathers vary between all manner of pastel tints, and they always seem to be fluttering a bit, and their fur varies the same.

Stars are the largest of the common females, but are still slightly smaller than Breezes. Their feathers and fur are a combination of ever present white and any number of metallic tones one can name. When they molt, these feathers are prized probably most of all among Gryphons' feathers. They fly more than Moons but less than Comets, and never clutch.

Skies are the smallest male Gryphons, but are still a bit larger than Comets or Nebulas. They range from the lightest sky blue to deep night indigo, with blues and purples of all kinds in between, and can also bear soft white markings.

Comets are smaller than Skies, but larger than Nebulas. Their feathers and fur are always brown along with one or occasionally two other colours making an appearance; each individual is highly unique. They rise more than Stars, but never clutch.

Nebulas are the smallest Gryphons, and are common females. Their feathers tend to be a mixture of colors, as is their fur, and they lack the tuft on the end of their tail that the rest of the Gryphons have. They rise the most of any Gryphon females, but never clutch.