Foofi of Whazzit

Created by Mary Sue

Singular: Foofle
Plural: Foofi
Group: Kerfuffle of Foofi

General Info: No one is quite sure where the Foofi came from, but judging from their names it was in a galaxy far, far away...

Foofi are shiny puffs of fur about the size of a human head. They have small, shiny, black eyes, pig-like noses, and tiny little mouths with sharp fangs. They can hover about a foot off the ground under normal circumstances, and bounce even higher by suddenly stopping to levitate and simply bouncing naturally off the ground.

They're pretty intelligent, capable of forming plans and using complex logic, but mindspeak only in images and communicate verbally only in high pitched squeaks.

Mating Info: A female will rise, literally, levitating up to three feet in the air while the males try and bounce after her. As you may well have guessed, Foofi flights are a rather comical sight indeed to watch. Eventually, the female will choose a winner if a suitor doesn't catch her first, and they will kind of, er, bounce together... well, you get the idea.

Bonding Info: The queen breeds rather frequently, bearing hundreds of sticky eggs, but only a small number of these actually hatch. A Foofi bonding is relatively uneventful. They hatch, shake all the egg-nastiness from their coats, and then bounce off in search of meats. They may bite if you're not careful.


Supernova Foofi are the only queen Foofi, and easily the largest. Almost twice the size of a normal Foofle, these creatures are usually a pale yellow, pink, or sometimes purple, but always with glittering sparkles tossed amidst their fur. They rise around couple of times a year. Supernovae will lay from 100 to 200 eggs, but only about 10-20 of these will actually hatch, roughly ten percent of the entire clutch originally laid.

Void Foofi are the largest lords, just a bit larger than a human head, and a rather large step down from Supernovae. They're pitch black, but their fur is especially silky and shiny to make up for their plain coloration. Usually the calmest of the often energetic Foofi, Voids have been referred to as "evil little buggers, always plotting some dark and sinister deed." They would never hurt the one they're bonded to, but they have been known to bite their master's friends and loved ones. Voids are undoubtedly the most intelligent Foofi, but they still do not use words in mindspeech.

Comets are the second lords of the Foofi, just a touch smaller than the Voids. They come in all shades of red, from bright crimson to drab reddish brown and everything in between, sometimes even leaning a bit towards orange or pink. Unlike the larger Voids, Comets are incredibly energetic and will literally bounce off the walls if left to their own devices.

Planetoid Foofi are a drab brown color, but with specks of extra shiny blue to make up for it, scattered among their coat and slightly glittery. They are common males, and the largest of all the commons. Planetoid Foofi are unusually rule abiding and fierce in their beliefs, and in the wild are often used by the larger Voids as minions of doom.

Stardust Foofi are the larger of the two common female Foofi. Their fur is pink, ranging from hot neon pink to light red to a pinkish lavender. A few of the paler ones could be mistaken for Supernovae, were it not for the obvious difference in size and lack of glittery-ness. Stardusts are, usually, the ditzes of the Foofle species, and they tend to run themselves into walls a lot more than the doctor would recommend. They rise regularly, and lay a few dozen eggs, but the chances of even one such egg hatching is minute.

Asteroid Foofi are the only truly quiet ones, and are also common females. Noticeably smaller than the rest of the Foofi colors, Asteroids are usually restrained and shy. The exception to this is when they get hungry, which happens about three times a day. Hungry Asteroids are not fun to be around, and many Asteroid owners have bite marks to prove it. Asteroids have silver or grey fur, usually very glossy. They rise infrequently, and usually lay one or two tiny little infertile eggs.