Flamma of Whazzit

Created by Eileithyia

Singular: Flamma
Plural: Flamma
Group: Congregation of Flamma

General Info: These spiritual creatures are unique animals of Whazzit. These small, shiny deer live and will kill for purity. Flamma worship a goddess known as Our Lady and it is sometimes believed that She is the one who created them. They are very stubborn when it comes to sticking with their beliefs and are quite strict with their way of living.

Flamma appear to be normal deer, between two to two-and-a-half feet at the shoulder, except for having no antlers at all and being made of glowing light. They may be any color but white or black, and have various patterns to the light depending on rank (color and rank have no relationship). The lighter the Flamma's color, the purer they are considered to be. They are comparable in size to an average dog. As for their appetite, they do not eat. To receive energy, they meditate in front of fire or if not fire, water several times a day to wash their sins away and stay pure.

Flamma are very intelligent and can speak perfectly. They are sagely curious creatures, seeking knowledge and decency wherever they go.

Mating Info: The way Flamma chase is somewhat unusual compared to the other creatures in Whazzit. Here, the chase is believed to be a sin and Flamma are forced/threatened to participate in the chase by their bonded rather than willingly become involved. Before both female and male come out to the competition, they bathe many times to rid of their sins and make sure that they are utterly clean before beginning the ritual. The females usually bathe about seven times, and the males cleanse for only four or five times. To start the competition, the Flamma play a tough game of tag. The female will tag someone, the game begins and when she decides for the game to end, she will tag the chosen male. These rituals tend to be very aggressive and violent without any sympathy or remorse.

Bonding Info: When Flamma are ready to be bonded, the mother and/or father will sometimes watch over them until the candidates arrive and bond. As a part of their culture, the dark-colored fawns of any litter are killed, and regardless of what rank they may have been, they are demoted to the lowest rank of Umbra. It is absolutely forbidden to stop this from happening, but if any Umbra survive afterwards any humanoids are welcome to try and help. Flamma see this as reasonable, for the darkest Flamma is the one who must be sacrificed for their family's sins so that the rest can live in peace and not worry about their vices. Afterward, the humanoids are able to approach the Flamma they choose, and the creatures will bond as they please. Note that they are not easily bribed or tricked into bonds, and they look only on purity and conversation like any good strong bond.


Dea are the high queens of Flamma. They are very intelligent although they can be quite nave. As they are the only ones who can give birth to young, they are prideful and motherly. They are only one solid color, with no pattern whatsoever. These queens are very reliable and can be sweet, but generally they are as stern as any responsible Flamma should be.

As the largest lords of Flamma, Deus are very noble and trustworthy creatures. Unlike the rest of their species, these lords tend to be less cruel than their usual siblings. They are very responsible, wise, and though they can be apathetic towards others' stupidity, they are generally polite. They come in two plainly different colors and are neatly spotted like freckles.

The second lords of these interesting species are Pavo. These peculiar males are a bit hopeless and vain. Some of their traits are very similar to the Deus, for Pavo are apathetic yet optimistic in a way. Also, these lords are very attracted to shiny things. They see things as they are and accept them, but they have their own opinions and are not easily convinced by others. Their designs are two-tone stripes usually in contrasting colors, resembling the same sort of pattern as a typical Zebra.

These female commons can be very conceited and energetic. Usually hyperactive, these pretties lack any trustworthiness that you might find them to have for they are very deceiving and manipulative. They are incapable of love, and the only reason they pretend to like their bonded is so that they can spread their purity slowly like a poison. Spina hate touching anyone and try to avoid physical contact. Their designs consist of small splotches, usually around their back and legs.

These male commons are more tranquil than the other Flamma ranks and they tend to be more careful and considerably thoughtful. Columba are much mellower than the rest of their species and some may appreciate this greatly. Their designs come in any colour, some Columba bearing marks different shades of their main light and some differing greatly, and are tiny figures of different designs and shapes like birds, flowers, fairies, etc. Their appearance represents a little more serene feel to this rank.

These commons can come in both male or female; both genders of the Sanguis are very determined. Once they've picked one virtue to follow at birth, they follow it through without question, preaching it and spend their entire lives pursuing it. They are very intelligent and equally serious. The patterns of their luminescent bodies are usually designs of flames. Also, they are quite scheming and very clever with unending motivation.

These unisex commons are the reasonably disrespected of the species. Umbra are the ones that were beaten and attempted to be killed by their siblings because they were the darkest of the group. Regardless of what rank they were before, they are usually depressing and extremely stubborn, testament to their past survival of their siblings' attack. They fail to think that they deserve to die, they become rebellious and hateful, trying to be as impure as possible. Lying, cheating, hating, it's extremely difficult to gain trust from one. They are distant and it's probably best to keep other Flamma away because they will find their job undone if an Umbra is still alive.