Fisi of Whazzit

Created by Sparkie

Singular: Fisi
Plural: Fisi
Group: Clan of Fisi

General Info: Fisi are not, to say the least, among the population of highly coveted creatures in Whazzit for a number of reasons. The name, translated in Swahili, from which all ranks are also devised, means quite literally Hyena. Their ugly, blunt muzzles are twisted into a cruel smirk, and their fur is at best mangy. They are fierce and strong, possess the teeth and gait of a predator, and unlike many of their fellow carnivores, they are completely wild, whether bonded or not.

There is no controlling a Fisi — you can only offer it meats and food and hope that it doesn't decide to bite the hand that feeds it. Do not ever try to outrun one of these hyena-like beings — through a happy evolutionary mishap these feral animals come fully equipped with multiple-jointed limbs. If you can look under the grime and filth, you might discover that Fisi may come in a number of colors, most of which are directly related to their ranking in their Clan, although none of the colors are particularly bright. Browns and grays are most common, with black, tan and white making an appearance every so often.

Their eyes are typically a shade of yellow, although every once in a rare while a blue-eyed Fisi will be born. A Clan of Fisi will migrate, moving to new territories until one suitable to their tastes is discovered. Once found, it will be claimed immediately and defended to the death.

Fisi make only animalistic sounds, typically an eerie, barking laugh or a series of guttural snarls and growls. When those wild-eyed stares turn upon you, and saliva drips from their chins, somehow you know they're not laughing with you.

Mating Info: When a female Fisi is ready to mate, she grows increasingly irritated and hostile. They tend to grow smellier, spending much of their time rolling in filth — disgusting to most, but for the males, the scent a female gives off is quite sweet. She is quite easy to locate, due to her odor, and once she has accumulated a couple of males she will begin to run. The landscape is not that important, as this ritual involves much fighting and displays of dominance. Once there is a clear victor the pair will run off to do what mating pairs do.

Bonding Info: Some months after pregnancy the female Fisi will birth live pups. Once the pups have grown to a decent size, the mother will take her pups to a secure place on Clan territory, where they will be free to encounter candidates (under careful supervision of Momma and the rest of the clan). Pups do not show particular attachment to any one hopeful bonder; rather, they are prone to wander to a number of Whazzitians before settling on a bond (who is usually the one with the most food). Fisi are voracious eaters in the Wild, and at bondings this is very much the same. Should you be unfortunate enough to attend one, be sure to bring plenty of food (particularly fresh meat), for as soon as that runs out, they will most certainly go after you.


There is no questioning the dominance of this Fisi. She is the largest of all the ranks, with a stocky, muscular build. Her yellowed white fur is short and thick, a healthy glow shining out from underneath the mud and other debris that gathers in her pelt from her daily activities. After all, she is the first of the Clan to eat, and more often than not will be quite hostile to lower-ranking females, pushing them away until they must compete with even the Njaa for scraps. She does not tolerate any that choose to disobey her command, and will not hesitate to put them in their place. Nevertheless, the Imara is the most intelligent of the Fisi, and perhaps the most ruthless. No movement, no thought seems to escape her sallow gaze, and though she may observe before attacking, her retaliation will be great. Like a cloak, stained off-white drapes over the female, fading away into tick-marks of gray and rarely tan along her limbs and mane. When it comes time for increasing the Clan numbers, the Imara usually births between eight or ten pups.

Though she does not have the bulk of the senior queen, the Epesi is still a fearsome thing. Her body is streamlined and swift, her frame sinewy and whip-like. She strikes with speed and with skill, for there are none among the Fisi that match her speed. A thousand shades of gray blot out much of her frame like storm clouds. The only distinctive markings she has are her legs — black stockings run up her limbs, while a hue akin to coal sullies up her dorsal, specks of white and gray peppered into her short mane. Stretched out across her back are marks of white, muddling with the grays in no particular pattern. She is clever but swifter to judgment than the Imara, more prone to action rather than observation. After a chase, the Epesi may birth up to six lpups.

As far as Fisi go the Heshima is handsome, for he has both the cunning and muscle to keep his position. Confidence oozes out of his every step, and of the Clan, there are none that will defend his territory as fiercely as the Heshima. He is always wary of the higher ranks, though while around any of a lower status in the Clan he is certain to exhibit signs of dominance. A black mask that rests across his muzzle, varying in thickness from creature to creature, only serves to bring out his strange eyes, for this rank is most commonly found with a mismatched pair of ice blue and topaz. For the most part he is a dark, sooty gray, close to black around the dorsal and mane. There are no other colors to mark his strong frame, which is usually found residing in the highest place of the territory. All the better to see you...

There are few, very few indeed, that would dare to cross the path of this hulking animal, for the Mlinzi is quite strong, more powerful than even the Heshima. His brains prevent him from moving up in the ranks, however, for he is by no standard the smartest of the Fisi, though he is more brilliant than the lower ranks. There is very little ambition to move up, for the wrath of the queens and Heshima would surely be great. No, he lives to defend his queen, his Clan, and as its bodyguard, what better a position could he achieve? Overall he is most tolerant of all ranks, choosing to start fights among outsiders, of whom he is wary, even hateful towards. Dark, muddy browns are splashed across his frame, and shades of tan rust in miscellaneous splotches across his fur. His mane is a solid shade of brown, longer and thicker than those of the others. The Mlinzi's eyes are quite hard to make out, for they are small and the same color as his fur, but they simmer with distrust for all that are not Clan.

Now here is a sly, furtive critter. The Erevu is the first of the common females, with a small body and a rather muted appearance. She takes pleasure in misleading poor fools, for though she is nothing but a common, hated by the queens and disliked by her fellows, she is patient. Submissive to all with a higher rank than her, the Erevu bides her time, watching and waiting for the perfect moment to slink around from behind and attack. Her movements are sinuous and indiscreet, and her coloring follows this temperament almost perfectly. Her signature trait is a stripe of gray that begins at her forehead and disappears into her thin mane. Light grays and even white slink across her black or brown frame, making her almost ghost-like as she fades once more into the background.

Recklessness. Lust glitters in the eyes of these Fisi, for they are killers through and through, in love with destruction and devastation. A Damu will not care what his next prey will be, and nor does he always eat what he kills. He takes pride in his muscled body; unfortunately, there is little but ego in him, for his mind is crooked and bent so that he is nearly blind by rage and wrath. Shifting moods as quickly as a heart rate can raise, he is most dangerous, and usually must be forced into submission by a nearby Mlinzi or Heshima. Should one not be around, there may very well be no way of stopping him. Blood is the hue of his markings, splashing over his face and across his chest like a blaring warning sign against his yellowed tan fur. Pure or sullied, it does not matter to him any more than his selection of prey.

The Jino’s most distinguishing feature are her teeth. They protrude out from her mouth, are longer than any of the other Fisi's teeth, and are horribly sharp. It is this set of fangs that she longs to sink into foods, and it is with these that she attacks, fighting for her place among the Clan hierarchy. These are the most skilled hunters of the Fisi, taking silent and patient to the extreme. With her slender body and mottled fur colorations, she is perfect for the job. Most commonly she will band together with others of her rank and go out for a hunt — and when Jino hunt, they do not return empty-mouthed. Her marking is a dark stain across her muzzle that spreads up, but usually does not reach, her eyes, in which greed boils over. The Jino is quick to take what she can, never wasting an opportunity to strike and steal whatever it is that she desires.

"Sickly" is one word that can be used to describe the Njaa. He is the smallest of the Fisi, with a thin, ragged appearance. His fur is every dull shade imaginable, and hangs off his body loosely, for there is no fat on his frame. His ribs are quite evident, enhanced by grey stripes that wrap up his stomach, as though they are the last defense against it sagging to the ground. His muscles are barely visible, but that does not mean that he is not a danger. Indeed, because he rarely eats, the Njaa is prone to growing as crazed as the Damu if he goes without feeding for too long. It doesn't matter what he eats — this one will eat dirt if it will fill his stomach for a time. The Njaa is often found slinking after the Damu, hoping to steal a piece of what his kin has left behind.