Firelizards of Whazzit

Created by Danika

Singular: Firelizard
Plural: Firelizards
Group: Fair of Firelizards

General Info: The Firelizards of Whazzit are practically the same as the firelizards of Pern, the only difference being in the mysterious mutations that resulted in color changes a little while after the original Weyr arrived at Whazzit. They have a velvet-like hide instead of scales, and eyes faceted like cut gemstones that change color depending on their moods (see Dragons). No horns, no fur. They are in essence, miniature Dragons, about the size of a grown man's forearm on average, more or less depending on rank. They cannot mindspeak in words, instead relying on emotions and mind-sent images to convey their meaning, as well as a wide variety of vocalizations.

Mating Info: When a Firelizard is proddy, or ready to fly, their hide will glow a bright shade of their normal color. When ready, they will kill a beast and try to eat it, though their bonded should attempt to make them simply drink the blood. If they do eat it they will still fly, but it will be shorter and the female will be a bit sluggish. The males will chase her through the sky until she is caught or chooses who to be caught by, after which they will twine bodies and tails and open their wings to gently float down.

Bonding Info: Firelizards usually hatch in clutches on hot sands guarded by their mothers, but any warm heat source and guardian will do so long as someone is there to watch over the eggs. They will bond to either the one they choose or the first person to feed them.


Dawns are the largest of the Firelizards, equal to the Twilights. They get their name from their softly colored hides, all warm pastels akin to the colors cast on clouds as the sun rises. Their personalities often match this despite their rank, having them tend to be very mellow in nature, though of course not all Dawns follow this pattern. They fly infrequently, but produce large clutches.

Twilights are the same size as Dawns, making them the largest Firelizards. Their hides have the same radiant variety as their sister's, but opposite. Instead of soft pastels, they are inky, shady colors, the colors cast on darkening clouds as the sun sinks below the horizon, dappled with tiny flecks of white. They tend to be opposite to Dawns in every way. They rise and clutch with the same frequency as Dawns.

Firestorms are the largest of the Firelizard lords. Their hides are, as their name suggests, the color of flame, all vivid reds and burning oranges and biting yellows, with a tiny sprinkling of murky gray ash, usually sweeping on tails or muzzles. They love a good battle, whether it be in flight or with another creature.

Tsunamis are a little bit smaller than Firestorms. Their hides are the color of massive waves, navy blues and frothy cyans and cresting with bits of white foam and green tints. They're particularly cunning, though not as strong as Firestorms.

Glaciers are the smallest Firelizard lords, but still able to fly the queens. Their size isn't that diminished from the Firestorms or Tsunamis, though, so their likelihood of catching in a chase is just as high. Their hides are the color of frigid snow and frozen ice, blues and whites and crystalline purity mixing in a swirl of light color. They're more determined than either Tsunamis or Firestorms.

Noons are the largest of the three common females. Their size is reduced dramatically from the queens, and they are a bit smaller than Glaciers. Their hides are the color of the hot, dry time of day which is their namesake, and they are made of up a lighter shade of oranges and yellows than Firestorms. They tend to be a bit lazy. They fly more frequently than queens but less than the other two females, and never clutch.

Midnights are the second largest common females, but are noticeably smaller than Noons. Their hide, however, is remarkable in its color, being all blue and indigo, black and purple, with flecks and spacklings of white that cover their entire body, much moreso than the Twilight's. They fly quite often, but never clutch.

Cyclones are the largest common Firelizards. In a frenzy of blacks, grays, whites and dusty browns, these males always seem to be in motion, as they are also very hyperactive 'lizards by nature. They love to cause mischief, as well, and tend to be loud.

Quakes are the smallest of the common males. Their hides are earthen tones, with deep browns and crisp greens, but their temperaments usually suggests none of this solidity. They tend to hop from emotion to emotion, being calm and serene one moment and wild and ferocious the next.

Solstices are the smallest of the Firelizards, common females but the most intriguing. Their hides at hatching are a mixture of all the female colors, and this remains so as they grow, however it changes with the time of day so that all colors are still included but that of the time of day it currently is the most dominant. (IE: At noon, they are mainly oranges and yellows, but still with splotches of Midnight, Dawn and Twilight colorings.)