Familiars of Whazzit

Created by Martog

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Singular: Familiar
Plural: Familiars
Group: Tribe of Familiars

General Info: Familiars are thought to be a part of a person, a physical manifestation of that person's soul. Indeed, ever since humanoids first set foot on Whazzitian soil Familiars have existed.Mysterious and wholly beautiful, explorers and researchers have studied these lovely creatures for years and have come to a solitary conclusion: they cannot be defined. Are they simply a mysterious mist, observing and benevolent? Or are they a true kind of prettyshiny, a species of their own? Whatever the case, they have now come forward to greet their humanoid friends, and to bond with them.

Familiars are unique in that they do not have a visible appearance. They put up a kind of facade a guise so that we may identify them. They do not need a physical form to exist, but recognize that we cannot relate to them as well without one. Their true appearances, their inner-selves, are only revealed to their bonded and to a mate if they should have one. This true self is usually a feeling, an experience, one that dominates the personality of the critter.

Familiars choose a physical look, one that reflects the personality of their bonded, not their own personality. Their appearances are always limited to animals, sometimes taking a simple look of a dog or something more majestic, depending solely on the person in question. Once a form has been chosen, the Familiar will keep it until their bonded dies, but until they bond they may change appearances at will and do so often. There are restrictions, however, to what these beings can turn into. They are not able to turn into humanoids, plant life, inanimate objects, or other species of shiny; in fact, they cannot turn into anything that is not an animal from Earth. Any animal there however, extant or extinct, is fair game. They also have the property of being able to accompany their bonds anywhere, so that a horse can walk along the floor of the sea or a dolphin can swim through the air. Magic!

As or more intelligent than humans, they know more than they let on, and can mindspeak as well or better than most shinies.

Mating Info: A female will sing a song, a song so low in pitch that no human ear can hear it, but one that no male Familiar will be able to resist. They congregate around her, and once she feels satisfied with the amount of suitors she will take off through the area. These chases are particularly unique, for the female drops her animal disguise and turns back into what she used to be when she was younger, a shape-shifting energized little lass. The males during the passionate pursuit will also be able to shape-shift again. They return to their normal forms once the chase is over. Only the most diverse and creative in shape-shifting will be able to catch her. When she chooses her mate, the two Familiars converge on each other, sharing their inner selves with each other.

Bonding Info: Familiars take bonding extremely seriously. It is a joyous occasion, but the true purpose of the event is never forgotten among the revelry. The mother and father both preside over the little group, and they guard them carefully. Children are extremely precious to Familiars, so paying homage to the parents is wise, but not entirely necessary. While games and offerings are appreciated, Familiars do not need them to bond. Offerings of food are unnecessary, as these spirit creatures do not need to eat. They are very intellectual with their admirers, sometimes asking and talking about deep and meaningful things. The young do not settle for anything less than a perfect match, and will gladly take to the wilderness if they cannot find the "one". Once a match has been found, however, the name of the Familiar will be told to the bonded, as Familiars have their own names at birth. Then, the Familiar will temporarily turn into a smoky cloud, enveloping their bonded and sharing their true self with them. After sharing their true essence, the creature chooses their physical form. Once that is complete, the bond is true and withstanding forever.


Illumina are the queens of the species, and they are the strongest in character. They choose to to keep their thoughts to themselves most often. They are the pickiest of all the Familiars when it comes to bonding, however, and will grow agitated if someone who is not worthy of them attempts to bond with them. Their physical forms, whatever the animal it may be, will always be a light cream or white color in appearance. They birth about 10-15 babies. Their true forms are the most beautiful experiences of them all.

Damien are very stubborn lords, and they take their rank very seriously. Being the warriors of the Familiars, they take attributes such as courage and duty very seriously when bonding. They are very protective, especially of their mate or bonded, and can get very ferocious if they see danger coming. They prefer to chase queens but will chase the occasional common, though never with the same gusto that they would an Illumina. Whatever form they may take always has a ruddy brown or red in color.

Calum are the opposite of their Damien brothers. They are subdued and mellowed, but not as gentle as the queens. These lords are fairly easy going, but not as playful as Ariels. Calum are truly the middle in personality, not being extreme in any sense. Like their Damien counterparts they prefer to chase queens over common females, but are much kinder, gentler mates with common females than a Damien ever would be. Unlike their lordly brothers, Calums are almost always gray, ranging from an almost blue to a silvered sheen.

Angels are the most innocent of their species. Sweet and loving, they get along wonderfully with their queen sisters. Angels love song and peace, and truly enjoy all the beauty that can be found in nature. It is a true wonder to see an Angel's true form. It is the closest experience to pure and utter goodness in this world. Females never have children, but are chased by all the common males and the occasional lord. Whatever form they take, the animal will always be a very light color, be it blue, purple, yellow, or pink. Angels can be either female or male.

Creepers are the opposite of their angelic sisters. They are low, vile little witches, and will do almost anything to hurt anyone. They love nothing more than an evil scheme. They are totally void of guilt so don't expect any. Although the females lead chases often, they never bear young. Their true selves are said to cause nightmares. That said, their physical appearance is always dark, utilizing black, purple, blood red, or orange in their forms. Creepers can be either female or male.

Ariels love to kid around. They find nothing better than to plan and carry out a good joke. Light-hearted commons, they are utterly silly and spontaneous. Sometimes they don't realize they are hurting someone else's feelings, as they tend to be oblivious to the feelings of others. They never intend to hurt anyone, but it happens sometimes. Their color combinations have no pattern, and can be random mixtures of any colors in the rainbow. Ariels can be either male or female.

Imps are very intellectual Familiars. They love to get their noses into everything, whether it is a good book or their bonded's personal business. There is no higher joy than knowledge and learning with these guys. That said, they are complete introverts, preferring the company of a book to people most times. They just can't seem to stop taking in information. Imps forms are usually metallic, utilizing bronzes, silvers, and golds, sometimes flashy and sometimes dull, depending on the shiny. Imps can be either male or female.