Ebbiks of Whazzit

Created by Nekodan

Singular: Ebbik
Plural: Ebbiks
Group: Pride of Ebbiks

General Info: Ebbiks are, essentially, very large cats. Most of the time. Sometimes, they are very small cats, or medium sized cats... for Ebbiks have the unique ability of changing their size. Their average size, the size that they like to occupy when not doing something else, is usually just around the size of a tiger or lion. At their smallest, they can become kitten-sized, but their biggest size can rival Dragons, depending on which type of Ebbik they are. They have enormous upper canine teeth, making them resemble the ancient sabre-toothed tigers, though theirs are even larger. Their eyes can be any color. They also manage massive claws, which are unretractable. Both of these are very intimidating-looking, but Ebbiks are usually surprisingly gentle.

An Ebbik's favorite activity is anything physical they have an abundance of energy and hate to sit still for any amount of time. They'll love to tote a humanoid about, though the smaller of them can only do this for a short while before experiencing discomfort, though they aren't tired by it. Bonded Ebbiks are extremely protective of their bonded, sometimes overly so, and one must be very wary introducing them to new people. They are also renownedly hard to train.

Being incredibly intelligent, Ebbiks can mindspeak in full sentences with only a few grammar issues. Despite this they are nearly impossible to understand as they speak so quickly that their words become strung together into one long string of words.

Mating Info: During their chases, females prefer to shrink down to their smallest sizes and gallop across a field, so as to force her suitors to use their senses other than sight to pursue them. Queens do the same, though often in thick forest or cluttered rock fields instead, to test the agility and reflexes of her suitors.

Bonding Info: After Ebbik litters are born, the mother and the father in their average sizes watch over the kits until they are a few days old, at which point the kittens have opened their eyes and begun to romp around. Ebbik kittens can range from kitten to average cat-sized at birth, and can limitedly change sizes within a week, gaining their full powers in a month or so. At the point this point they are ready to bond and the parents can't wait to be rid of the hyperactive litter. The mother and father enlarge to their biggest size and roar at their highest volume, which is usually loud enough to cover a mile or so. Ebbik kits are fed by their mother's milk until this point, so they aren't hungry, but shiny trinkets can be used to attract them, though the kits usually just pick someone regardless of their prize.


Silver Tabby
Silver Tabbies are usually a pale gray with weaving stripes of darker gray over their fur. They are the largest of the Ebbiks, reaching a height of 14 feet at their greatest. They are easily the fiercest of the species; one must be very careful around a Silver Tabby. Their litters range wildly, though they usually have at least 5 and there have been cases of up to 20 kittens. They are the only queens of the Ebbiks, and are rather haughty and somewhat control freaks, though their personalities vary greatly with each animal.

Orange Tabby
Orange Tabbies are the larger of the Ebbik lords, and the second largest of the species, just below Silver Tabbies. They are able to reach the height of about 13 feet at the shoulder. They tend to be condescending towards all except their own bonded and queens, and to act in a way that might remind one of a teenage female. They're obsessed with their appearance, and while they speak to their bonded frequently about such matters, they try to avoid letting anyone see their self-consciousness (despite their constant self-gazing, which is often mistaken for simple vanity.) Orange Tabbies must be raised carefully, as any habits gained when they are young will probably stick with them for their entire life.

Brown Tabby
Brown Tabbies are the third largest of the Ebbiks, and the smaller lords. They tend to be the most affectionate of Ebbiks which makes them very clingy. They aren't very fast as Ebbiks go, but their endurance is by far the best of any of the colors, Silver Tabbies included. They're rather friendly, and prone to random bouts of happy meow-purring when they're happy, which can possibly deafen some if they happen to be in their largest form, which is slightly larger than an elephant at 11 to 12 feet.

Tortoiseshells are the largest of the non-queen females and only a bit below Brown Tabbies, with a maximum height of about 9 feet. Their fur coloring is mainly white, with calico splashes of orange and black. They have semi-infrequent chases, which result in usually 2-4 kittens, sometimes 5.

Sealpoints are a mellow tan color, with dark brown legs, tails, ears and faces. They always have blue eyes, and their tails are notoriously powerful; one should mind those carefully. Common males, they are a bit below Tortoiseshells in size, their maximum being 8 feet. They tend to be quite high-strung, and are very cautious around strangers, though very affectionate and loyal once they have learned who to trust.

Maus are a dusky bluish-gray, with darker bluish-gray spots along their body and stripes along their legs and tails. They can be either male or female, and have the smallest maximum size, around the height of an average drafthorse at 6 feet. Females do not produce kittens.

Abyssinian Ebbiks tend to have nervous dispositions, whether they are male or female, and for good reason: they are the only rank which cannot change their size. They do grow to be larger than the average housecat, around the size of a lion cub, but compared to the impressive sizes attainable by the other ranks it isn't much. Their ticked coats are luxuriant, ranging from colors such as toffee and champagne to smoky ash and russet.