Dragons of Whazzit

Created by Danika

Singular: Dragon
Plural: Dragons
Group: Wing of Dragons

General Info: The Dragons of Whazzit are practically the same as the dragons of Pern, the only difference being in the mysterious mutations that resulted in color changes a little while after the original Weyr arrived at Whazzit. That is to say, they have no scales, instead a velvet-like hide, and eyes faceted like cut gemstones which change color depending on their moods. No horns, no fur. They can speak telepathically with their bonded humans, as well as others if they so choose. There appears to be some connection between Dragons and Watch-Whers, as Dragons are always able to translate a Wher's clicks and growls into intelligent speech.

Eye Color Guide:
Red: Anger, Hunger, Fear, Pain, Mating and its excitement
Red/Orange: Eagerness, Arousal
Orange: Uncertainty, Suspicion, Anger, Alarm, Hunger, Agitation, Panic
Yellow: Anxiety, Fear, Reproachfulness
Pale Yellow: Concern
Green: Delight, Tranquility, Placidity
Blue: Longing, Interest, Mischief, Excitement
Purple: Worry
Lavender: Stress
Grey: Tremendous Worry/Stress/Sadness/Pain (Grey tones come to a Dragon's hide too)

Mating Info: When a dragon is ready to Fly, their hide will glow a bright shade of their normal color. Male dragons will know when a dragon is 'proddy' or ready to fly. When ready, they will kill a beast and try to eat it, though the Rider should attempt to make them simply drink the blood. If they do eat it they will still fly, but it will be shorter and the female will be a bit sluggish. The males will chase the female through the sky until one catches her or she chooses, after which they will twine bodies and tails and open their wings to gently float down.

Bonding Info: When a dragonet hatches, it will find its 'chosen' lifemate on the sands. When it finds it, it will connect with them telepathically and tell them their name, which all dragons are born knowing and always ends in -th. Dragons can bond to any gender, no matter what color, and any humanoid can bond to as many Dragons as they can Impress, though no two dragonets from the same clutch are ever Impressed to the same person.


Golds are the largest queens of the Weyrd. Their personalities vary as much as their rider's, but they tend to be arrogant and bossy due to their rank and large size. Their color is, as the name implies, golden, and can vary from a deep burnished brown-gold to a bright nearly-yellow shade. They fly infrequently, but their clutches are large.

Silvers are substantially smaller than the Golds, nearly the size of Obsidians, but are still queens. Silvers have extremely differing personalities, but are always meek when it comes to Golds. Color ranges from murky gray to polished silver. They rise a bit more frequently than Golds, but their clutches are much smaller.

Steels are the largest lords of the Weyrd. They tend to be even more arrogant than the Golds, and very possessive. Enormous in size, their hide looks similar to a Silver's though more grey, with streaks and tinting of blue throughout. They will rise in almost every queen's flight unless they already have a mate.

The classic lords of the Weyrd, they are only slightly smaller than Steels. They tend towards more bravery and less temper than the Steels, but are still pretty arrogant. Hide can range from a yellowish-brown to a deeply burnished brown-gold. They rise in queen flights most of the time, but aren't as single-minded as Steels.

The equivalence of a Pernese brown, Obsidians are the smallest of the Dragon lords. Their hide is almost completely black, with hints and shades of brown marking here and there. They are usually more even-tempered than the other males. They'll chase at a queen flight, but don't win as much as the other two lords.

Rubies are the largest non-queen female Dragons, but nearly consider themselves royalty. They tend to be much more sweet-tempered than any other color of dragon. Hide ranges from a blood-crimson shade to blaring, bright red. They fly about as much as Silvers, and clutch as well as the queens, though usually in smaller numbers.

Emeralds are the next drop off in size for non-queen females, and are quite a bit smaller than Rubies. They tend to be very social and flighty, but the severity of this depends solely on the rider. Their hide ranges from olive brown-green to bright jade, even sometimes to a lime green. They fly often but never clutch.

Sapphires are the only non-lord males. They however are the most frequently flown, as they fly many of the three varieties of non-queen females. Their hides can range from a nearly teal color to a deep navy, and they tend to have a very good sense of humor.

Amethysts are just barely smaller than Emeralds, but that makes them still the smallest of the non-queen females. Their personalities are dictated by nothing. Their hide ranges from a wine-tinged lavender to a midnight sort of purple, and often have hints of red or blue in them.

Opals are the smallest rank and the only genderless ones, the dwarfs of Dragon-kind with the largest of them having their heads shoulder-height to any of the other little commons. The milky luster of their pristine white hides displays sudden bursts and prickles of a rainbow of colors and patterns when seen from a different angle. Temperaments of Opals can vary as much as their looks.