Demonhounds of Whazzit

Created by Danika

Singular: Demonhound
Plural: Demonhounds
Group: Pack of Demonhounds

General Info: Demonhounds complete the triad of animals that mysteriously arrived at Whazzit Weyrd that one fateful day. When they did, it was these monstrosities that elicited the most fear. Even the larger, essentially more dangerous Seraphelines were less feared, as their softly feathered wings and emotionless exteriors were less fearsome than the sharp-toothed, leathery-winged Demonhounds. It only took a single approach however to learn that these wolfish creatures were indeed as friendly as puppies, and as easily bonded as any of their other telepathic wonders.

Demonhounds are basically a cross between a wolf and a dog's appearance, though a bit smaller than wolves themselves. They have rather large teeth and luminous eyes, with two great dragon-like wings sprouting from behind their shoulder blades. Their coats range from white to black and all grayscales, with browns and reds mixed in. Their telltale gemstones are placed at their wingtips, with the number and positioning varying, and on the outer corners of both eyes, but are more mineral or metal-colored as opposed to the gemstones of Celeste Cats or Seraphs. Their wings tend to match the color of their stone, though with variations on shade.

They can relay images through mindbonds, and a few words, but sentences and good grammar are beyond all but the most intelligent of them.

Mating Info: They mate by chasing through usually wooded areas, and at the end of such a chase the top competitors battle it out to see who wins, though it's more of a mental, growling and taunting fight.

Bonding Info: Demonhound pups will choose the person offering them meat who interests them the most. Or they just like. Or... they stumble upon. They aren't especially choosy.


Silvers are the only queens of the Demonhounds. Larger than any of the others, they are the unrefuted leaders, and the only battles they fight are with other Silvers. Their stone is metallic gray, while their wings range from nearly white to nearly black. They chase infrequently and usually have six to seven pups per litter, though they can have up to nine.

Golds are the larger of the lord Demonhounds, and are quite a bit smaller than Silvers. Their stones are a burnished gold-yellow, and their wings vary from bright yellow to brown-gold. They're notable for having a severe inclination to cuddle. They fawn on their queens with unrelenting admiration, and are just generally friendly.

Steels are the smaller of the lord Demonhounds. They are only a bit smaller than Golds, and are around the same size as Blacks. Their stones are a darker silver with a blue sheen, and their wings tend to be any shade of gray with a sheen of blue, or vice versa. They're more competitive than Golds.

Blacks are the larger of the common females, and are around the size of Steels. Their stones are pitch black, and glint brightly in any sort of light. Their wings tend to be black with different colored sheens, usually violet, navy, or emerald. They mate an average amount a year, and can have up to five pups.

Reds are the smaller of the common females, and around the same size as Blues. Their stone is a bright crimson, while their wings vary from bright apple red to a dried blood tone. They mate frequently, but have no more than three pups in a litter.

Blues are the only common males, and the smallest ones, around the same size as Reds. Their stones are a bold cobalt blue, and their wing colors range from a bright sky blue to a dark midnight, nearly black color. They are a bit calmer than other Demonhounds.