Constellations of Whazzit

Created by Everyone! Suggested by Lucas

Singular: Constellation
Plural: Constellations
Group: Cluster of Constellations

General Info: Deep in the recesses of space, simmering in the cosmic soup, there lived a consciousness. Well -- no. There lived many consciousnesses, beings formed from the raw filaments of the Universe. Vast and formless save for the stars which they lovingly nurtured into being, they... watched. They watched civilizations form, they watched them fall, they observed from their boundless vantage point in the stars. They saw life, and death, and they formed opinions on it that mattered little to any of those below. After all, they didn't even know of the existence of these astral beings. Who could guess that out among the stars, something really was watching? Listening? A whole race of beings of pure thought, quiet conservators of entire systems of stars and all of their inhabitants. They had no way of interacting with any other lifeforms, they had no way of interacting in any way save the ushering in of new stars for all the galaxies.

And then came Planet.

The strange astral beings do not look like anything else on Planet, or any planet, for that matter. Made from the stars themselves, their bodies are literally formed around them, for they aren't called Constellations for nothing! How many stars each one is made up of depends on the individual, as simple or as complex as you can imagine, and there is no limitation to what type of creature or object they might embody, other than avoiding humanoid forms that's the bondeds' business! The rest of their form is materialized in an ever ethereal night sky of all blue and black shades and any mixture of the indigos and violets in between, some showing all of these in clouded waves and some a simple clean twilight slate. The stars can be either connected by faint lines or not, and can burn with all the tints that any other stars do, so while white-yellow is the most common do not be surprised by reds, or blues, or greens, or...

That is all true only during the night time, however, for in the daytime they fade away from sight to become semi-translucent. Just like the stars above are hidden by the overwhelming brightness of the sun, so too are they, becoming no longer even solid, able to phase or pass through solid material as they please (and non-solid, they have no problems walking straight through each other in a crowded area!).

Constellations do not speak in any language that humanoids can understand, while in either physical form at any rate. Their best attempt at communicating will end in, at best, the frequencies shattering windows, eardrums, or causing the poor villagers to think they are going insane. They are far better with conveying their meaning with imagery and gentle manipulation of emotions, because usually they don't really want their human friends' eyes to bleed. That being said, a Constellation who is projecting themselves into their bond's astral state -- dreams, that is -- may speak to their bonded while in the dream state.

Mating Info: Just as stars are born in a gaseous cloud of the base elements of the universe itself, so are Constellations. Older Constellations will come together and form a nebulous mass high in the atmosphere -- living creatures would not be able to see or withstand their creation -- of planet, and it seems to be this relatively rich environment that spurs such quick growth in them. They incubate, their consciousnesses separating from that of their parents although each young Constellation is born with all of the knowledge that their parents, and their parents before them had available to them. A nursery of gas will circle the newborn stars as they develop, until they are born in a fiery explosion that triggers magnificent meteor showers below. These young constellations rarely bond immediately; instead, they tend to ascend to the stars, watch the universe, until such time as they find themselves called back to the planet of their birth and the soul that waits for their guidance.

Bonding Info: Celestial overseers, Constellations have taken it upon themselves to choose important occasions to make their presence known and select a humanoid they wished bond to. It is never a choice made lightly, with a full year of contemplation and reflection and deliberation between each choosing; a year which coincidentally marks the passing of twelve months since their selected humanoid has arrived under their mysterious influence on Planet. When a Constellation has chosen to forge a bond with one of the humanoids in the weyrd, they will descend from the skies leaving behind a glittering trail like a shooting star to mark their shift, entering into the person's dreams at night and speaking there their name aloud for the humanoid to know them. The bond of a Constellation is immediate, unconditional, and as vast in its depth as the reaches of the galaxies they watch turn and spiral.