Celeste Cats of Whazzit

Created by Danika

Singular: Celeste Cat
Plural: Celeste Cats
Group: Clowder of Celeste Cats

General Info: Celeste Cats arrived in Whazzit with the Seraphelines and Demonhounds, looking for a free meal. They found a lifetime of 'em, as they were all shiny enough to be coveted. A mix between a large housecat and a fox, fully grown they reach a little below the average person's knee. With three fox-like tails, large, tufted ears, and extraordinarily large eyes, they're easily told from normal felines. They do have similar diets, however, being carnivores who have a special preference for fish, though they will accept almost any treat, especially a dish of cream. Their coats are usually a combination of whites, blacks, and greys, although other natural colors like browns and reds show up as well. Males have a crescent mark in the fur on their forehead, while the females have a five-pointed star, and each is set with a gem specific to their place in the Celeste Cat hierarchy. This gem can vary in size and cut.

Typically they mindspeak very simply. Their sentences are only two or three words, and grammar is occasionally an issue for CCs. Iridescents are the exceptions, capable of full sentences. Celeste Cats are also very, very mischievous by nature, and tend to love shiny things almost more than their owners do, if possible.

Mating Info: Females lead their suitors in a chase or some other sort of show of worth, with a presentation of gifts popularly included, and then the mate is chosen.

Bonding Info: When Celeste kittens are old enough to bond, their mother will herd them all together and await the hopefuls. When they come, Celeste kittens will bond to just about anybody but are attracted by meat and are particularly attracted by shiny things of any sort.


The most revered and rare of Celeste Cats, if one is around the Iridescent is the undisputed queen. Their gem swirls with shades of all colors, and seems to give off its own light. They are both the largest and most intelligent of the Cats. They mate infrequently but have substantially larger litters than Rubies, with around 20 kittens in a litter.

Rubies are the smaller and more common variety of queen Celeste Cats, though they are still rare. They're almost identical to Sapphires save that their stone is a deep crimson. They're only slightly more intelligent than the rest of the Celeste Cats. They mate semi-frequently and maintain litters of 5-14 kittens.

Sapphires are the larger of the two lord Celeste Cats. They're almost identical, save for the clear blue stone set between the two tips of the crescent on their foreheads.

Emeralds are the smaller Celeste Cat lords, but aren't all that much smaller than Sapphires. They have the typical crescent-shaped mark on their head, with a deep green emerald forming the gem that rests between the crescent's two points.

Kunzites are common females, smaller than Emeralds but bigger than Amethysts or Diamonds. The gem in their star is usually a pale pink of some kind. They are a contrast to the more boldly colored gemstones, introverted and afraid of offending others. They chase very rarely, and never have litters.

Amethysts are the second of the two common females. They are also a bit smaller than Emeralds, about the same size as Diamonds. Their star contains a purple jewel of varying light or darkness. They mate very often, but never have litters.

Diamonds are the same size as Amethysts, and are the only common males. The gem that rests between the two points of their forehead-branded crescent is clear and pristine white diamond.