Brightlings of Whazzit

Created by Danika

Singular: Brightling
Plural: Brightlings
Group: Galaxy of Brightlings

General Info: Brightlings are very small creatures, around the size of one's palm at the very largest. They mostly resemble five-armed starfish, though instead of rough skin they feel more like short, stiff velvet. Their undersides are covered in miniscule suckers which they use to attach to things. Brightling skin can be pretty much any solid color in any shade. Stripes, spots, and other simple patterns can make appearances, too. Brightlings can levitate up to four feet in the air and zoom around, and with a flying start they can launch themselves up to seven feet high before dipping down again. Brightlings have no apparent eyes or mouths, though they can see and speak, so it's a bit of a mystery. A bonded Brightling's favorite place is stuck anywhere on their owner, usually a cheek if they can manage it. As Brightlings grow older they sometimes grow additional arms, and Brightlings can regenerate any lost limbs.

Mating Info: When Brightlings mate, a female will float a few feet in the air, spinning very rapidly and making a thrumming-gurgling noise to summons their chasers to them. After the males gather around her, spinning and thrumming as well, she speeds off over the water, sometimes skipping on the surface or even dipping down into it. The males follow and eventually she will be caught or choose a male, and they will spin around each other, descending into the water and making a small whirlpool. Afterwards, the two will dig a small hollow in the shallows where up to 50 eggs are laid, although only 20 or even less will hatch. They then each rip off one of their own arms to bury with the eggs.

Bonding Info: Brightling young hatch in the shallows of water, their quarter-sized forms floating just above the water while they repeat their individual sounds repeatedly. They will eventually choose a person to bond to and will suddenly zoom towards them and attach to their skin (or fur).


Brightlings are similar to Alunas in their hierarchy. There are simply males and females, with many more males than females. The only way of determining the gender of Brightlings is by their sound, which is the only noise they will make besides the gurgling-bubbling noise they use as speech to each other.

Sounds: Squeak, Shmark, Meep (short for Meepmeepmeepmeepmeep)

Sounds: Zerp, Blop, Whoot, Zeek