Blazemounts of Whazzit

Created by Danika
Picture by Metria

Singular: Blazemount
Plural: Blazemounts
Group: Herd of Blazemounts

General Info: Blazemount are similar to horses in most ways, but much shinier and thus more desirable. At slightly over 18 hands high, or just over 6 feet, they are taller than normal horses and also much more powerful. The real difference between the two however is their manes and tails, consisting entirely of bright and colorful fire that is both heatless and smokeless. Their hooves are hard as diamond, glinting black and wholly unbreakable. They're not the most intelligent creatures ever, and are unable to mindspeak at all, but they do bond with more thought than simply picking anyone who will feed them, though sometimes owners will auction them off with the individual Blazemount having the final say who wins them. Blazemounts mostly graze on grass and hay, but also like other grains, fruits, veggies, or sugary snacks (peppermints!).

Blazemounts need to be trained before being ridden, and even then all but Glades have a tendency towards mischief. Nevertheless, their speed over land is unmatched by any except Unicorns, who are also the only creatures they will obey without protest.

Mating Info: Blazemounts choose mates through a long, competitive race over plains. The female leads the males, sometimes heading into cliffs or rocky areas during the chase, and always choosing a twisting path to confuse her suitors more. By the time she tires the males will either have dropped out or been chased out by other stallions, and the female will choose the winner from whoever remains.

Bonding Info: Blazemounts are sometimes auctioned off by their mother's owner, though just as often they are allowed to choose on their own. Hopeful bonders enter a paddock where the foals are and either wait for them to approach first or can try to tempt them with various snacks. Foals usually refuse to be bullied into bonding; be careful of those hooves!


Frosts are the queens of Blazemounts, and the largest the species. Their hide is white, ranging from a creamy off white to pristine snow, while their manes and tails are multiple shades of blue, twisting and writhing together. They do chase rather frequently, though not as much as Winds or Aethers. They tend to birth twins, triplets, or even a quartet among their offspring, which number from 3-6.

Flames are the larger of the Blazemount lords. Their hide is typically black, although some occasionally sport a dark shade of grey, and their manes and tails are the colors of warm fire, made up of reds, oranges, and yellows. They're very territorial, especially over females, and liable to attack those who challenge their studliness.

Smaller than Flames, though not by much, Tides are about the same size as Winds. Their hides are any kind of blue, although they tend towards medium or darker shades, while their manes and tails are blistering white flames.

Winds are the largest common females, matching the size of Tides. Their hides are silver, ranging along most of the greyscale but always with a sheen. Their manes and tails burn with an eerie black flame, unnatural and a bit unnerving but interesting to see indeed. They mate more often than Frosts, and can have 1-3 foals.

Aethers tie with Glades as the smallest Blazemounts, and are common females. Their hides are a shade of purple with a bit of a sheen to it like the hides of Winds, and their flames tend to be a mixture of cool colors: blacks, greens, blues and violets. They chase the most frequently, and can have 1-3 foals.

Glades, along with Aethers, tie for being the smallest Blazemounts. Common males, their hides are any shade of green, though usually a more vibrant one. Their manes and tails are a mix of blues, whites and yellows, the colors occasionally interchanging. They are more serene and less easily provoked than the lords, and are easiest to train for riding.