Asids of Whazzit

Created by Tiania
Image by Eliene

Singular: Asid
Plural: Asids
Group: Nest of Asids

General Info: Asids are sleek and emaciated snake-like creatures with four short lizard legs. They have venomous fangs and hard, scaled skin. Their tails are like whips, and small, hard ridges run along their spines and down the sides of their legs. They prefer meat still on the bone so they can crunch through it, which they can easily do with their very hard teeth and strong jaws.

They are extremely fast and agile, and of mediocre intelligence, managing to mindspeak in images and simple sentences, though always in third person. They are somewhat reclusive, but fiercely protective of their owners. Asids are extremely competitive, especially lords and queens. A person can have only ever one queen, though multiple lower females.

Mating Info: Asids mate by holding chases, during which the male Asids compete using both speed and intelligence. They will very often fight with each other, and most will not come out of the chase without being a little bloodied up. Risens will only chase Maskeds and Shadows. Although they tend to yield to lords, it is not unheard of for a female to choose a Risen, whether impressed or touched by his daring or just to be rebellious.

Bonding Info: At an Asid clutch, one should bring a small stone of some kind, be it a river rock or a gem, as long as it is hard and about the size of a marble. Heck, bring a marble if you want. Hatchling foods of choice include rats, spiders and small lizards, and if you’re trying to bond they’ll expect you to have some. To bond, Asids will viciously take the stone or stones offered by someone and swallow it/them, then ask for meat.


Albinos are, well, albino. Their hides are a pale, milky color that is slightly translucent. Their eyes range from pale pink to dark crimson. They are the queens, and the largest of the Asids, growing to be an average of eight feet in length. They are demanding and imperious, ordering around other Asids like slave-drivers. They clutch 11-25 eggs.

The first lords of the Asids, Markeds grow between six and seven feet long. They are just as commanding as a queen, but quieter and more arrogant. They are also loyal, and will always do what an Albino says. Their hides range from an ivory color to a dull greyish shade. Black markings, found always around their eyes and which can appear anywhere else on their bodies in any number of designs, give them their name.

Clocking in at just shy of seven and a half feet, Ethereals' name is well-earned: their scaly hide is entirely translucent. Every bone and organ in their body is clearly visible through their skin, which is of any pale color or pattern. Ethereals are observant and charming creatures, arguably the most well-spoken of Asid ranks. They aren't fussy about how they get information, so long as they get it, and delight in sowing wild rumors to the detriment of others. Most are excellent ventriloquists, adept at 'throwing' their voice to further their illusions.

One of the smaller, common females, the Masked are dignified and aloof, but aren't as independent as the lords and queens. They grow to be about five feet long. Their hides are a dark, smokey grey, some with tints of murky blue. Their heads are protected by white bone plates. They are definitely the fighters, and can be very nasty when in groups.

These Asids are secretive, and love to steal. They often purloin shiny objects, and have been known to attempt to keep other shinies as loot. They grow about four feet and are the smallest of all the colors. They are quick and cunning, but not exactly brilliant, though some of their tricks could be classified as such. They are a deep, murky purple shade laced with black.

Risens were given their name as they seem to be less demonic then the others. They are quiet and surprisingly compassionate, always yielding to the will of lords and queens, even in chases. They grow a good five feet, sometimes a bit more. Their hides are a bright golden yellow laced with white. They are often picked on by the other Asids because they don't particularly like to fight, but they won't hesitate to defend their chosen bond. They are probably the most blindly loyal. A solid black line encircles their head just above the brow, almost like a black halo.