Arathlial of Whazzit

Created by Artanis

Singular: Arathli
Plural: Arathlial
Group: Aerie of Arathlial

General Info: Arathlial are air spirits taking the form of massive eagles that range from 8' to 16' in height, differing otherwise only in the great plumes of five long feathers that rise from their head. While the Arathlial's beaks bar them from speaking any language aloud, they can mindspeak fluent Common. Incredibly intelligent, they are able to communicate as well or better than most shinies, using moving images, full sentences, and even better grammar than some humans! Occasionally they can pick up a slightly (or not so slightly) archaic accent.

Each Arathli is born with two very special abilities. The first is called wind manipulation, an ability that all Arathlial possess and execute. This ability enables lighter Arathlial to carry the weight of their bond and other objects that they might not otherwise be able to lift. Most Arathlial are also capable of using a combination of mind and wing techniques to alter air currents, create drafts, reduce or increase drag, and move the air immediately surrounding their bodies. Many are even capable of creating small breezes and the occasional gale, a common hunting skill used to sweep prey off its feet. A particularly skilled user can generate whirlwinds or tiny, short-lived tornadoes that create chaos in small areas and homes. While they can create and manipulate, Arathlial cannot command the new wind beyond its initial direction. As a general rule, if you aren't close enough to feel the flap of their wings you are probably safe!

The degree to which an Arathlial masters wind manipulation varies, but the largest Arathlial are the strongest manipulators, as they have broader wingspans capable of stirring up more air. For example, a Tempest could be talented enough to make a tornado, but the resulting creation is far weaker than the tornado generated by an East.

The second ability that Arathlial possess is that of twistering, or moving to another place rapidly by manipulation of mind and body. The Arathli attempting to do this will meld its own particles and those of anything touching it with the particles of the very air, and rapidly move to wherever they wish. All Arathlial are born knowing how to Twister, but the ability is most often practiced within the higher, more skilled ranks. Common ranks are prone to mistakes and typically hold reservations about using such a dangerous ability. Twistering without proper knowledge and form could get one and one's bonded melded with the air forever, or at least until a competent Arathli corrects the mistake!

Mating Info: Females will lead their males in a chase through the skies, randomly turning around, changing air currents, whatever hits her fancy. Oftentimes she will determine a worthy mate amongst those who can find her. Sometimes they will also call for physical fights and may or may not choose the victor. Shiny gifts are always appreciated.

Bonding Info: Clutches will be laid on high cliffs, far, far above the ground, as high as the mother can manage. Both mother and father are at the hatching, and one is always watching the nest. Once the drums have been sounded, the father will fly down to the ground beneath the cliff to await candidates. Candidates who wish to bond with the parents' grace offer the father gifts, and if he finds them acceptable, he will take up to three at a time up to the cliff where the eggs are hatching. Upon landing, the father will return the gifts to whom he had received them from, to let the hatchlings decide upon them. You do not have to offer the father anything and can scale the cliff or ride some creature up, but without the parents' grace the trespasser is in danger.

Once upon the cliff, the candidates are to stand in a loose circle around the eggs and lay their gifts before them. However, the mule-sized hatchlings usually do not even take a look at the gifts when they first hatch. Their first instinct is to fly, and fly they will, right off of the cliff. Most will be able to fly, but others who may not be able to, well... The hatchlings will rise back up, usually to land upon the cliff to mingle with the candidates and seek a bond. Candidates who feel unnaturally bold and brazen, worried, or are sure that they have the parents' grace, may try to stop one of the Arathlial before it dives.

After all of the hatchlings have bonded, the mother will escort the unbonded candidates back to the ground. The hatchlings may fly to the ground as their father carries their bonded down, as their wing muscles are not developed enough to bear more than their own weight. It takes between six months to a year for hatchlings to reach full size.


The queens of the Arathlial are the biggest of all the Arathlial, with only the largest lords rivaling her wingspan. Her colors range from deep royal purple to a soft indigo, and in a rare while, an ice blue. They are very bold and inquisitive Arathlial and watch out for everyone they know, especially their bonded and their clutchmates. Clutches range from 14-20. They rise maybe twice a year.

Wests are the quieter of the two lords, very observant and intelligent even though they usually hide it well. It is very strange for Wests to be flashy and like attention. They range from deep reds to sometimes dark oranges, just like the sunset.

The brighter lord of the two is colored in the opposite manner of his counterpart in bright reds, oranges and yellows. They are flashy and love attention. They are a little less intelligent than the Wests, but their boldness and incredible amount of energy makes up for it.

Souths are all shades of greens mixed with black and are noticeably smaller than the lords. They are the only lower female that clutches, but only up to 10 eggs per clutch. They are the motherly Arathlial and are incredibly fierce and protective, especially of their young. They are often present at a North's clutching to protect the hatchlings.

The larger common male, Mistrals are completely black, spare for their plume which is a stark white. They are quite solitary, but some will be accompanied by Souths, which will be their preferred mates. Their personalities span all ranges.

Tempests are the smaller of the common males and the quickest in the air. They do not have much stamina, however. Tempest colors range from a dark stormy grey to a slightly grey soft blue. All Tempests lack a certain level of control over their emotions and are thus as tumultuous as the patterns on their feathers, calm one minute and stormy the next.

Chinooks are common females, and match Souths in both size and clutch. They mimic sunrise on the clouds, always containing at least three different colours from soft rose to lavender shadow to the yellow of the sun itself or anything blending among those hues. Chinooks are known for their warm personalities.

Boreas are the smallest common female and among the most agile Arathlial. Their feathers are white, shot through with any number of pastel colors. Many display a telltale opalescent sheen. Their personalities are highly variable, though most are friendly sorts. Though they rise a few times a year, Boreas cannot lay eggs.

Zephyrs are the smallest females and are also the quickest females in flight. Zephyrs are nearly as intelligent as Wests and will often be mated to one. Arathlial tend to prosper more when Zephyrs befriend Norths. They are a bright golden color, displaying their great worth, but many have a few feathers that pale to pure white.