Alunas of Whazzit

Created by Kimira

Singular: Aluna
Plural: Alunas
Group: Group of Alunas

General Info: Alunas are small gerbil-like critters about the size of guinea pigs. They have over-sized feathery wings sprouting out of their short, round backs and a furry tuft at the end of their long tails. Their ears can vary, sometimes smoothly rounded and sometimes sporting a tufted look as well. They do not have any special powers, nor do they speak in any language, save the simple sentences Alunas. We are Alunas. which are ingrained in them at birth. They also do not send images or share feelings, but they are prone to the chattering, squeaking noises of small rodents. They can fly, though they never gain much height over six feet or so. Alunas are opportunistic omnivores, eating pretty much anything you put in front of them. They are particularly fond of small candies, fruits, or grains for stuffing in their pouch-like cheeks, but will also happily hunt insects, nibble on leafy plants, and so forth.

Alunas form bonds with humanoids despite not being very bright, which is mostly for their own safety. Wild Alunas are few and very skittish.

Mating Info: All females have from 5-20 kits in each litter, though sometimes more. Alunas mate with a complex ritual of squeaking and churring, while the males are jumping about and roiling together in a small pack of fuzz, chasing the female. The males try to push out the other males and impress the female at the same time. It is considered taboo to fly during a chase. Eventually the female tires and runs into the pack, plowing into the male of her choice. The two fly off together and reappear the next day.

Bonding Info: Humans can bond to many of the little creatures, and usually do, as Alunas love company. Any gifts other than food may prove too complex for a young Aluna, so recommended items include sugary treats, cereals, and fresh produce.


Alunas come in a variety of colors with unique markings. It is nearly impossible to find two Alunas that are identical. The only consistency is that all Alunas have a white tuft at the end of their gerbil tails.
Females: 2 PSP
Males: 1 PSP